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Employee Drug Testing, Breathalyser,  Alcohol TestingWhat exactly is roadside testing? And where would we be without it?

Australia delivers nationwide roadside testing as a part of a plan to ensure safe roads nationally. In this article CMM Technology looks at roadside testing and how it helps to ensure that the roads of our vast country are as safe as possible for all who use them.

According to “arrivealive” random roadside testing is the police practice of testing drivers for drugs and alcohol in their system whilst behind the wheel of a vehicle.[1] In every state in Australia governments and police have implemented roadside testing, which involves either breathalysing or saliva testing the drivers. For example Victoria Police conduct “random roadside saliva testing to detect drivers travelling while affected by illicit drugs.”[2] The aim of the testing procedures is to make roads safer, reduce road accidents and death – both large and small scale. It also effectively acts as a deterrent, as is pointed out by the 2010 ROSITA study.[3]

The Australian Government’s full report on Drugs and Driving says that its safety strategies over the past 30 years have reduced road trauma statistics. It also states that there is “increasing evidence that pharmaceutical drugs and illicit drugs impair driving ability and are thus a safety concern. Cannabis, methamphetamines and ecstasy appear to be the drugs of most concern from a road safety perspective…and there is increasing evidence that some pharmaceutical drugs – benzodiazepines in particular, are implicated in a considerable proportion of road accidents and trauma.”[4]

Current state police using saliva testing, do so because it is cost-effective, streamlined and by far the easiest way to monitor the drug usage of drivers in a roadside situation.

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