Top Two Qualities of New Employees

lion SD 500,alert J5 personal breathalyser,lion alcoblowUnless you are presenting job bids to executive staff members who have a killer reputation, even new employees can be question marks when it comes to fitting in with your business. Between gender differences, new coworker interactions, initial mistakes on the job, personal sensitivities, and nervousness, both you and the new employee may feel as if you are navigating a mine field of potentially awkward situations. It is important to make them feel safe and wanted by outlining all company policies for them (including, of course, your drug and alcohol testing policy) and telling them a little bit about every person on your staff. Is there anything you can specifically do to help them along?

Engage Their Interest in the Work

Aside from the money, your new employee is obviously interested in the business itself. One of the best ways to make them feel comfortable and produce high quality results is to get their minds off of the money and onto the subject at hand. Ask them their opinion about the work which the company performs, their ideas about ways the company can stay modern and up-to-date, and where they would like to see themselves in five years and in ten years. This makes their workplace relevant to their personal passions and interests and engages them to invest in the company, rather than simply considering it another job. This personal investment in the business is what makes or breaks the operation.

Give Them Creative License…and a Lot of It.

It is important that your new employee understands that, though there are company boundaries and policies with regard to ethics and behavior, their creative intuition should be exploited to its fullest potential. The reason that most employees do not live up to this potential is fear. Fear drives many people to do irrational things and make irrational mistakes. It is important that you dissect their decisions and ideas into two parts: productive and not feasible. For example, your new employee may have an idea for keeping the company website up-to-date and attractive. You should carefully explain that a strong, healthy, well-updated blog is perfect, the new designs are a great idea, but that the contact information must not be hidden, but put in plain sight for ease of navigation. Explain why: the website is not an operation in and of itself, where customers can buy your products online. It is a means to an end; it advertises the services of the company, services which must be bought over the phone or in person.

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