Time Crunches and the Availability of Personal Calming

Personal calming can really come in handy when the pressure is on and you Alcohol testfeel like you may not be able to hold out much longer for a break or some stress relief. Personal calming is where you calm yourself and take care of yourself through self praise and self talking. There is a wonderful approach to dealing with stress, and that is talking to yourself as if you were encouraging and calming a child or a loved one. Use your name and be specific. It may sound funny, but that is because talking to yourself is kind of the stereotype applied to crazy people. In reality, it is a very soothing and very real technique to calm yourself down and to give you the ability to organize your thoughts effectively.

Some techniques for personal calming not only include talking to yourself encouragingly (in private, of course), but also watching inspirational and uplifting videos which motivate you. You can even create your own inspirational movies fairly easily with five extra hours. Some people call these Mind Movies, because of the software brand which specifically creates movies for just that purpose and really helps people make them all by themselves.

Time crunches easily raise stress levels and can target the emotionally weak. We are not saying that anyone is mentally or physically weak. The emotionally weak are people who are unable to handle the lives which they have, even if they are easy and safe lives. This has to do with internal growth and how much life they were taught how to manage before there were on their own as adults.

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