Those Who Love Reactions

cmm technology australiaWe all know people who love reactions. They like teasing their coworkers, playing minor pranks on their spouses, and joking with their friends. They love the big reactions that some people necessarily bring to the situation, and often the reactors and the reaction creators pair off so that each party might get as much as possible out of each other’s side of the equation.

We all love to be around those who elicit lots of positive reactions, especially those who are able to bring us out of the dark moods we may have been feeling lately, and into the light. There is something powerful in being able to make someone laugh or being a strongly positive influence in their lives.

Sometimes, however, in unnatural situations the people who love reactions are looking for fear or dread or lack of safety for their partner or friend. This is usually what happens when someone who is abusing alcohol or drugs goes off on a tangent which they cannot control. CMM Technology brings you the screening tests which you can use in your employee drug testing and alcohol screenings. We are a NATA accredited recalibration service, as well, for your alcohol testing devices, even if they are not one of ours. We know that you only want positive reactions out of your workers, not the ones which accompany abusing or being around someone who abuses illicit substances.

Reactions are part of the primal nature in humans. Laughter, enjoyment, peace, safety and kindness are all part of the ordinary safe reactions which we display when we are comforted, safe, and well cared for. Fear, hatred, high emotional states, loudness of voice, and other reactions accompany a fear based or unstable set of circumstances.

While employee drug testing does not take away the possibility that someone might use on the worksite, it will give you clear and accurate readings of who it is who is doing this. CMM Technology provides NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services, along with our line of urine and saliva drug tests, like our Rapid STAT saliva drug tests. We are a part of the hope you have for your future. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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