This Love, This Gain

Drug Test equipmentWhat happens when our companies gain? Do we not feel as if we pulled the whole thing off ourselves, even if thousands of people were involved? To gain, to acquire, to rival is beyond description. It is huge, and it fills the heart with appreciation for a job well done.

In truth, that is how all work should be done.

The appreciation that comes from a true gain, from truly earning the abundance that you didn’t have before, is one of the most satisfying parts of doing a job well. So why is it that everyone finds their job boring and unsatisfactory? The problem lies in how we perceive our problems. Today, we perceive problems as things which may or may not be able to be solved. In the past, especially during renaissance periods of growth and development, problems were seen as having multiple solutions, all of which complemented the original issue. There was no picking between which were our greatest problems and which were lesser. There was no misunderstanding about how much hope we have for the future. We saw things as being possible to do and reasonable to accomplish.

We all build our own walls, but addicts to this to a much greater extent than the rest of us. To addicts, the world is hopeless, and this is due to their psychological reprogramming, which is due to their substance abuse. They see things as being hopeless and not easily accomplished. Work is a chore, rather than an accomplishment. Jobs are task houses where they are driven as slaves.

Prevent this mentality from entering into your workplace. Help your employees to see how much they are needed by showing them how much you are willing to protect them. Employee drug testing is necessary, but for this you need to have the right tools. To see who is fit for duty, use drug test kits and breathalyser devices from CMM Technology. Our products are high quality and helpful for the workplace. Please understand that alcohol tests and other screening tests will not solve your problem, but will give you greater information so that you can solve it yourself, with better data to consult: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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