This Day and Time

mouthpiecesLook out your office window, or out the window nearest to you. Just stop for a minute, and take a look outside. What time of day is it? The cool still notes of morning as the light is newly fresh, the warm haze of afternoon as you spend it lazily looking out, or perhaps it is evening or even dusk, and you see the crisp blackness touching golden streetlights outside.

This day and time are so beautiful. If you wanted to, you could probably stand at your window at the same time every day and get a similar experience, day after day.

In fact, that is what many poor dear people are doing, when they begin to abuse drugs or alcohol more and more. They are thinking toward a certain time of day, a certain feeling that they once had, a long time ago, and they are remembering it well.

They remember the feeling, and so they go to the right place, and wait for the right time. But, it may not feel like it did before. So, they take a little alcohol or drug to make them more sentimental, more open. The stillness deepens, but their awareness of it does not.

CMM Technology brings drug test equipment to Australia. We provide drug test kits, saliva drug tests, and urine drug tests to businesses all over Australia. We love doing business in this great country of ours. We love providing local companies with the resources they need to implement employee drug testing. Our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services can service even alcohol tests which you already have, not just our own. We also provide saliva and urine drug tests.

This day and time, stand at the window at your work. Remember that so many people want to make it big in business, but few of them make it because they are not ready to commit everything they have to one idea, one single idea, within a single time period. It is this which makes people unable to function correctly in business. CMM Technology puts your business and its priorities first. We know what your employees are worth: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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