The Wealth of Sensates

MedixIn Jungian psychology, “sensate” is a typology of four possible typologies. This particular trait perceives reality in a step-by-step basis, one moment at a time, with little or no regard for the past stretching in one direction or the future stretching in the other. The opposite of a sensate typology is an intuitive typology, which appreciates how processes and long timelines in both directions work and are created. Sensate typologies on the other hand are too engrossed with the task at hand to spend time on planning and all the perceived time wasters that intuitive are so fond of.

The wealth of sensate typologies comes from this belief in the moment. If you live every moment in the present tense, then you can accomplish a great deal because you are not constantly planning and plotting but never actually living in the present tense long enough to get anything done.

When your employees are focused and prepared for their work day, even intuitive and other typologies are able to get it together enough to live in the present moment and structure their days to fit their various personalities and ways of thinking. It is important to provide this structure for your workers, regardless of their typologies. This is where employee drug testing is most relevant. If you understand how much your workers need to work within a system, rather than being left to form separate and sometimes contradictory systems of their own, you would see that no one, if they knew about the alternative, would really have a problem with being screened for drug or alcohol abuse. While sensate typologies live in the moment, there is still a need to surround them with structure and reassurance of their safety and the safety of their coworkers. Adulterant tests built in to drug test kits is a great way to start, and an example of this is our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. We know that you want to leverage everything you have to get the most out of your employees without forcing them in any way. This is one of the ways in which you can build a safe, assuring environment for your workers. Identify and deal with any substance abusers. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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