The Twelve Step Program and How It Changes Over Time

When a drug addict or alcoholic seeks help through a twelve step program, they are looking for a tiny amount of relief from their pain. Over Saliva Drug Testtime, they receive much more than this tiny amount of relief. However, they cannot have huge expectations of the program at one time, because it is designed to be used one day at a time, little by little, until the addict has peace and stability.

Unfortunately, many people drop out of their twelve step programs before they are completed and before they have reached the peace they desire and deserve so much. In fact, for experienced people who have been in their programs for many years and have refined their peace over this long period of time, the coming and going of newcomers is quite common. They know that not everyone stays, and that those who do may not remain for the period of time which they have.

Let’s talk about the experienced program followers, then. They will say that if you work the program and really do your best, over time you will accomplish a great deal, but that you must stick with it over time. Some of them even say that the program changes over time, but that part is not quite true.

You change as a person, and therefore receive different benefits from the twelve step program over time. You change and therefore the program “seems” to change, because you are getting more and more benefit out of it.

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