The Trust Game at Work

Every day, in thousands of offices across the world and on millions of worksites everywhere, the trust game is being played.Employee drug testing

In a literal sense, the trust game involves someone standing on a small stool and falling backward into the other’s arms. However, in a more figurative sense, the trust game is transacted thousands of times throughout the day between people who give and take, work and benefit, pay and earn their living wages.

There are so many things to bring this process about. When humans come together in a group, they naturally organize themselves so that the top dogs and natural leaders at the head of the group, the most competent are right below them, and on down to the measly, whining, little underlings who, coincidentally, always find life to be really unfair.

In the trust game, employees rely upon each other and look to the behavior of each other in order to get stuff done around the jobsite. When someone sends a letter off to their secretary to be rewritten, they trust that she is doing a competent job, rather than sitting at her desk painting her nails. When a company executive gives some important documents to a delivery boy to take across town, they trust that the papers will get there safe and sound. The trust game is everywhere. Even people who are not the trusting sort HAVE to trust the people with whom they work…or else they would not end up having a job.

This trust is broken when drugs or alcohol are brought onto the worksite. When employees cannot be trusted to control themselves around each other, the trust game takes a nasty turn. Employee drug testing reveals very bad results, the company double checks the saliva drug test or urine drug test, rereads the alcohol breathalyser device, and determines if the employee is still fit for duty.

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