The Sneer

Employee Drug TestingContempt is the universal sign for strong hatred or disgust. Contempt for anyone is a very strong emotion and it is usually brought upon by a long standing bad relationship between two people or two entities.

Bad feelings or bad vibes between two people do not ever have to rise to the level of contempt, even if the rivalry has been going on for decades. Rather, contempt is usually brought on by something very personal and usually a long term active damage to the relationship between the two people, whatever type of relationship it might be.

Employees must get along well in order to be more productive in your business. You cannot have an appropriately functioning business if your workers cannot stand each other or cannot maintain a civil distance between each other. It is the responsibility of an adult to make sure that their own behavior does not fall to the level of childishness. There must be a certain amount of understanding between coworkers, or your business is being torn apart from within.

Contempt is so strong and so damaging that it usually takes mutually shared trials or something “Hallmark” like that in order to get two people to reunite after mutual contempt. Fortunately, such personal hatred is rarely so strong between workers.

Now, if you have someone who is contemptuous of everyone around them, it may not be because they have Napoleon complex. It may be that they are suffering from psychological reconditioning after having abused substances for some time. You may want to check up on that. While individual drug testing is usually an emergency or really obvious case, it can also be moved up for the whole staff, just in case. You determine what needs to be done and do it.

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