The Science Behind Substance Abuse Escapism

Alcohol Test, Drug & Alcohol Test, Chain Of CustodyEscapism is normally thought to be a facet of the life of a doormat. Usually, escapism is referred to when talking about getting high via drink or drugs or losing yourself in a movie or book for instance. However, escapism has a lot do with workplace drug testing. In fact, employee pre screening tests, urine tests and saliva tests are given out as a result of escapism mentality. Employees who seek to escape their own life problems find out that drug and alcohol abuse is one way to do it, and therefore employee drug testing has become quite necessary in today’s workforce.

Escapism is a coping mechanism, using distraction from everyday stresses, such as work-related problems, bills, debt, family issues and so on. The individual seeks to avoid or escape from their problems by not fully addressing them, by distracting themselves with entertainment, by sinking into very low energy depression, and by abusing drugs and alcohol. Fear is the cause of this great need to escape, and individuals typically try to face their problem head on and become discouraged and frustrated when their efforts fail, or they try to run from their problems and escape through various means. Workplace drug and alcohol testing is the result of this codependent behavior.

CMM Technology provides Oraline saliva and Medixurine drug tests, along with breathalyser tests. In your business, you will need to use regular workplace drug testing procedures in order to eliminate this escapism mentality. Employees who work hard and take responsibility for their actions are top performers. However, if one or more members of your staff begin to avoid personal responsibility and a high work ethic, they may be suffering from higher-than-normal stress. If this is the case, employee drug and alcohol testing is recommended in order to make sure that their personal problem do not become your corporate problems.

CMM Technology offers a wide variety of drug and alcohol testing equipment, including alcohol breathalysers, urine and saliva drug tests, as well as expert advice on how to incorporate testing into your business. Our goal is to help you and your company stay healthy, emotionally, physically and financially. Without proper drug and alcohol testing equipment, on-site testing can be difficult. We also recommend our sister site, Mediscreen, for your on-site testing needs. Your employees will not have to travel to a laboratory in order to fulfill their workplace drug testing requirements. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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