The Real Reason for Self Control

We are all taught from childhood to be polite and courteous to our elders, always say please and thank you, and to exercise self control. Our beloved and very naïve parents faithfully pounded in lesson after lesson, hoping to mold us into responsible adult citizens. We were taught to use self control to avoid making other people uncomfortable or embarrassed. We were taught to use self control to aid with our volatile tempers. We were taught that self control helps us build successful and long-lasting relationships with other people. What is the real reason for self control? As children, these reasons were not good enough, but perhaps the real reason might have been effective.

Self control is used as a tool to regulate our emotions so that we do not act rashly and so that we give ourselves time to calm down before we make permanent decisions while in the midst of emotional turmoil. Self control gives us time so that we can arrange our thoughts and feelings about something.

Unfortunately, self control is not always available due to things like alcohol abuse and drug abuse. When under the influence of these substances, anything can be said, anything can be done, and no responsibility whatsoever is taken for one’s personal actions. The luxury of the added time to collect one’s thoughts is simply not there. Self control is not used, extra time to cool down is not afforded, and the result is frequently a mar upon a perfectly good relationship, either in the workplace or in your personal life.

Professionally, self control is necessary in order to give someone time to deal with an unruly client or a coworker who is having a really bad day. This can afford many benefits, including solidifying your business’s reputation and bringing in return customers. This is helpful because many circumstances arise where returning customers or clientele are based entirely upon the ability of your employees to exercise and to keep exercising self control. This is why employee drug and alcohol testing is considered to be such a valuable asset. Drug testing enables you to discern employees with self control from the ones without. This is why CMM Technology exists today. We want to make your business as viable as possible. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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