The Purpose of Office Pizza Delivery

Oraline SalivaNo, this is NOT a thesis on pizzas, pizza delivery boys, or why people eat pizza. Rather, it is about the act of a community coming together over a common meal. Truth be told, if everyone in the world could completely avoid who they disliked, we would have a lot of lonely people out there who were almost completely isolated from everyone else. While this is still true for some people, the majority of us have to live next to, work with, and be around people we dislike all the time.

And, truth be told, that is a good thing.

You see, differences can be resolved over time as long as enough time is taken to be around the other person and understand them. When this time is not taken, then isolation from people you don’t like becomes very solid. It is important as a society and as individuals to always have regular contact with people we dislike so that, with the passing of every month, we can grow and become more than what we are now.

When we avoid each other and go out in our little cliques to our work lunches, we may enjoy ourselves more, but we also cease to grow as people. The great thing about office pizza delivery is that everyone wants some pizza, they have to gather around the same pizza box in order to have some and, temporarily, enemies are drawn together into polite, casual conversation.

Yes, even the mundane activities such as pizza delivery better us as people of the world.

Now, in other areas of business, employee drug testing can do the same thing. Whether enemies complain about having to get tested together while waiting in line, or whether people gossip about someone they know in another company who tested positive on their screening test, the commonality of the process can similarly bring people temporarily together during the time of screening.

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