The Problems with Attitudes about Change

BreathalyserWhen it comes to alcohol and drug abuse, people really don’t like change. That doesn’t mean that people don’t like initiatives which help people with abuse problems. It means that addicts really don’t like change if they can help it, and if forced upon them, they may live their entire lives looking for stability but in reality living lives filled with nothing but unreliable change.

Change is scary

Change is unnerving.

For addicts, change can seem almost life threatening, at times.

For some, change is stressful when it occurs to people in their lives, such as romantic partners or the death or leaving of a loved one. For some people, change is most stressful when it comes in the form of a job loss or a job change. For some, it is denial about something they have done. And for others, change is so terrifying that they will dig in their heels against any form of change, no matter what it is, even if their own survival is dependent upon a small amount of adaptation.

In the professional environment, these attitudes are death to any company. In order to survive, all businesses must be at least somewhat adaptable. If you have a manager or a senior level executive who has this attitude about change, it can be a huge problem for you and your company’s revenue. It is important to identify any possible substance abuse as early as possible.

Employee drug testing can help you with ascertaining who is able to bear up under increased responsibility and who may not be able to handle such duties. Drug test kits provided by CMM Technology can be just the thing you need. Be sure and try our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 as part of this process or journey you are on. Be sure and notice how much employee drug testing gives you a sense of control over the order and stability of your own business. We cannot control people, but we can control order, and these products will help you in restoration and maintenance of this order. For more information about drug testing in Western Australia, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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