The Price of Betrayal

oral fluid drug testBetrayal is an interesting concept. It means different things to different people, depending upon their life experience and their expectations about a matter. For instance, someone may feel as if they have been betrayed, when in fact it is just a matter of life experience and they don’t know the situation better than to freak out about it. Another instance would be if someone felt betrayed because their expectations were different from the other person’s expectations, and so therefore there was simply a lack of synchronicity. Well, this is very common among people, but it’s still a good idea to attempt some type of communication, so that you can minimize the damage caused by misunderstandings and perceptions of betrayal when nothing like that was intended.

In some instances, however, betrayal is real. This occurs between spouses when one or both of them have an extra-marital affair. It occurs between siblings when a promise is broken. And, lastly, it occurs between friends and family members when one of them abuses drugs or alcohol on a regular basis.

By abusing substances, you are essentially telling your loved ones that you have withdrawn yourself from the social structure with them that you used to have. You have decided that you will not uphold your end of the relationship, even if they are holding up theirs.

That is dangerous, and that is very hurtful to the people who care about you.

Loss. Loss is the price of betrayal.

You can lose money, friends, your home, your job, your finances, your security, and even your very life. People were designed to work as individuals within loving, supportive communities. Without this setup, it becomes very hard to succeed at anything.

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