The Perspectives of Others

We all care about what others think of us. This is necessary and anThe Perspectives of Others evolutionary process within humans, because it involves drawing communities closer together, and it helps people to feel safein their community rather than threatened. Well, this process is no easy task to develop within children. Kids must be guided toward making up and building long term or permanent relationships with each other by their parents. They also learn by example that what others think of you is important and that public appearance is important, but that these things are not the entire story. Good parents teach their kids to also be happy with themselves and to take pride in what they do for their own sakes and how they feel about themselves, and not just external motivation like outside glory. Both inner and outer worlds are important. Appearances mean everything, but so does having an actual centre to your soul.

In the case of substance abusers, all they think of is how others see them, and they are constantly judging themselves by the standards that they BELIEVE that other people see them with. It is not true, of course, because people are rarely that judgmental and rarely for that long, but this perception is one of the key reasons why addicts feel justified in abusing themselves and then their families by association. In their minds, the perceptions of others is the “be all end all” of life.

They give outsiders way too much credit and they make themselves the centre of someone else’s world. The truth, of course, is that people rarely spend time thinking about you or obsessing over you. Consequently, your perceptions of how they think about you are far more grandiose than they are in real life. They do not sit around and judge you for hours on end. Even if they wanted to do that, they couldn’t, because they have lives and jobs and people to talk to. At CMM Technology, we find it important to keep perspective about these things, which is why we are one of the leading alcohol and drug testing equipment suppliers in Australia. We would like to introduce you to our extensive range of breathalysers such as the robust and excellent Lifeloc FC10, the police issue SD400 or the industry favourite the economical Lion Alcoblow, not to mention our trusted and Australian standard validated,Medix Integrated Pro-Split urine drug tests. Call us today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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