The Past Age of Chivalry

On-Site Drug TestingChivalry may be a lost art form, but that doesn’t mean that men and women don’t try to revive it, occasionally. When men and women treat each other with respect and courtesy, then this used to be called chivalry. Now, this art is lost, but the spirit remains. Now, we call it being Politically Correct. Now, women are angry and looking to make themselves the equal of men, when in fact men and women have great success with fulfilling different strengths in themselves and in other people. This is not feminism or misogyny, by the way, but good old classical sexism. And it’s okay for me to write about this, because I’m a young, modern woman at the top of her field.

Chivalry is not a lost art. Rather it has been re-modernized, reshaped, molded into a different shape and taken on a different form than it used to have. Of course, not everyone feels good about that, and it is okay to go back to the old ways of chivalry. It is okay to return to past ages, but it might also be good to learn the lost art a little better this time around.

CMM Technology understands that, by respecting other people, we are improving our own lives and our ability to successfully interact with the world at large. We know how important it is that your staff members are up to par in the business world, and we are very aware of the fact that not every employee really is. For this, we have drug test equipment and other screening tests and we also provide a recalibration service for your breathalysers which is accredited by NATA. Moreover, we know that by purchasing screening tests from us and by taking advantage of our recalibration services, you are doing something for chivalry yourself. You are helping to make the world, the ever lost world, inside your business a better place with healthier minded employees. Whether you use an Employee Assistance Program, or just wish to deal with the matter in a more succinct manner, CMM Technology is here to help you get the answers you deserve to have: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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