The Morning After

The typical morning after a large party involves an overwhelming migraine, caused by the large amount of booze consumed the night before. This headache and extreme sensitivity to light and sounds does not result from pharmaceuticals, typically, but usually results from all of the alcohol and the extreme dehydrating effects thereof. The morning after any sort of binge drinking will produce the same result. It is the dehydration caused by the alcohol of the night before, where the body has a need to process the alcohol by using extraneous fluids in the tissues. Hard drinking will usually result in quite a hangover, which is nothing more than the tissues needing rehydration and the inflammation which results from that.

The morning after any type of heavy drinking usually leaves the individual feeling less than perfect, and in many cases embarrassed or ashamed of their actions while inebriated. It is important that office parties and even weekend business conferences should involve at most only a moderate amount of drinking by each guest. More than that, and things are said which many people will remember the next day. These things can be vicious, awkward, personal, or hurtful, and may lead to uncomfortable Mondays at the end of the weekend.

Many individuals who enjoy their job and feel a sense of loyalty to the company find themselves working at the same place and among the same people for many years, perhaps even a decade or two. This means that office and other professional relationships resulting from this time period must be maintained and kept appropriately intact. Even if these relationships are not friendships, the long-term acquaintanceship in the same enclosed space or with the same people means that civility and personal reliability must be paramount.

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