The Mind behind an Ordered House

You can tell a great deal about a person by how they keep up their house. For example, hoarding is a classic example of a cluttered mind, whereas bare, abandoned looking and cold temperature homes are typically the possession of a thrifty if meager mind. But these are not the only signs of how someone thinks. For example, different parts of the home are neglected when different parts of a home or social life are neglected. Alcoholics typically abandon their dining rooms and use them for storage or at the very most as a show room, but never use them since their social life is not refined and many alcoholics do not wish to be that physically close to others. Scatterbrained housewives may have every part of their home clean except for the kitchen, where most of their planning takes place. Men who dislike working on cars may not even allow enough room in their garage to park their car, and men who do enjoy working on cars rarely allow anything in the garage except for their tools and equipment for doing so. The home is, in effect, a larger more general reflection of the individual themselves.

Alcoholics and drug addicts sometimes have very telling homes. In cases where public opinion is not a concern, many addicts unashamedly keep their homes in ruined conditions, almost daring guests to either not have a problem with it or get out. Many long-term addicts can become quite proud of their own particular variety of decay. This is just another version of accepting the psychological disease within themselves and offering it further accommodations. Addiction is a disease which spreads from the individual to their surroundings, even further to their relationships and career, and finally ends with taking everything they hold dear, sometimes including their lives. Workplace drug testing is meant to keep your business clean, efficient, warm and friendly, not a place where coworkers are not sure what they will encounter from day to day. Work is meant to be challenging, not fearful. Call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30

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