The Lesson of the Acorn

Acorns come from oak trees, of course, and are some of the most useful nuts on this earth. Before the hunter-gatherer or primitive farmer The Lesson of the Acornarchetypes depicted by early anthropologists, people gathered and ate acorns in wide abundance. Now, if you know anything about acorns, you know that oak trees do not produce them in the same amount every year and that the supply can vary greatly from year to year. So what does that mean for people who were living off of them as their daily staple?

Well, as long as these early humans were able to store acorns in a nice cache, there really was not a problem. If worms, moisture and other ailments cannot reach the acorns, the nuts really store quite well, and acorns have a certain dietary advantage over other nuts. You see, they are not very flavorful, but they are very filling. When you eat anything made of acorns, your entire body is regulated better and you do not suffer from low blood sugar or from being cranky or anything like that. Instead, you are filled up with feeling that you are not hungry, and your energy increases and is not diminished at all.

If early people were able to store their cache of acorns well, then they had filling nut meat all throughout the year, even in years which did not have a very plentiful harvest on some oak trees.

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