The Knowledge of Self Worth and Self Respect

In today’s schools and in our society, we have learned that it is important to be self confident, but confidence comes from a knowledge of yourEmployee drug testing inner worth. Without that knowledge, there is nothing to fully and completely justify the confidence.

Many people believe that they have skills which they lack, and that they lack skills which they have fully developed. How can such mistakes be made? It involves knowing a great deal about yourself and apprising yourself of your continued growth and habit formation.

Employees who are not fit for duty often appear competent and hardworking when their managers are in sight, but they are actually lazy and unaware of their surroundings or the time value of their coworkers when nobody is watching. This is because many of them have already started the habit of drug abuse or alcohol abuse. They no longer feel that they have worth or value, and so they cannot treat others as if they have worth or value, either.

Have you ever noticed a drug addict who claims to be in love with another drug addict? Did you find it laughable? Why did you? It is because one has no love for himself cannot in truth claim to have love for another.

The same concept and situation applies to self worth and self respect.

Now, if your employees are having a lot of trouble with this, then you are in danger of losing their reliability. It is, therefore, a really good idea to set and enforce certain minimum standards for the workplace. This is where employee drug testing comes in. Oral fluid drug tests, urine drug tests, and other types of screening tests like our breathalyser LifeLoc FC10 are a few examples of what we at CMM Technology offer to help you measure which employees are breaking the rules and which have enough self respect to stay focused on their jobs. We also provide a recalibration service for your new or current breathalyser devices. We often service many businesses around Australia and all of us have a high sense of self worth because of what we are providing to the business community in our nation. Call us here at CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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