The Indestructible Human Spirit

Saliva Drug TestThe human spirit is, indeed, indestructible, or seemingly so. There is so much pain and heartache and physical burning and horrendous things which we have been able to endure that it certainly seems as if we are indestructible.

There is a lot to be said for the idea that we are extremely strong. It is also interesting how easily and how quickly we can be brought down when affected by chemical processes. All over the world, biological warfare has been tested and experimented with, because humans will still fight when shot or injured, but chemicals create damage which takes far longer to undo.

When drug abuse or alcoholism is tracked, it is seen that people become far more affected by the long term chemical change than the short term side effects of the substances. Over time, chemicals rearrange themselves in the body to create vitamin deficiencies or to try to make up for vitamin deficiencies. There is an inherent need to make the human body survive for as long as it can. This is undone by the powerful side effects of what these chemical changes do to the mind. Whereas brain chemicals and hormones were fairly well balanced, the chemical changes from drug abuse and alcoholism really begin to create long term brain chemical imbalance within two weeks of the initial self abuse.

The result of all of this compensation for everything is that even the normal thinking process of an individual is screwed up and twisted so that they perceive things which aren’t there and are paranoid about anything they cannot perceive. There is breeding ground of fear, competition, comparison with other people, pride, powerlessness, helpless thinking habits, and other forms of compensation for the lack of appropriate brain chemicals. The entire process is extremely distorted, and the individual begins a long, downward trek of isolation and false perceptions.

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