The Income of Loners

In Daniel Goleman’s book, “Social Intelligence,” he describes how people should be able to get along with each other quite easily, and why many ofThe Income of Loners them do not. Understanding socialized behavior is one of the best ways to improve your business standards and your business output.

After all, no company wishes to drop quality just to focus on quantity. There must be enough quantity, of course, but the quality of the product or service is what really determines how long the company will be in business. You must be able to sustain the quality of work you absolutely think that you’re capable of producing, and you must be in a position where you can improve that quality when you think of how to do it.

Running a company is hard. Anyone who has ever done it knows this. However, it is much more difficult if your staff is not socially educated and adept at all of their positions. There must be a socialization structure to your company, or loners will be allowed to sit in their back hovels and become even more isolated over the years.

The income of loners on average is twenty percent less than the income of socially adept individuals. Why is this the case?

It has to do with how comfortable some people feel around coworkers and subordinates who are loner type of people. Unfortunately, just about any manager or executive is socially adept, so you will not find many loners who are in positions of power. If you are a loner yourself, than your currently isolated positioning within the company can be to your detriment.

Loners also happen to be more likely to engage in drug and alcohol abuse while on the job. This is because the stress of being around other people, even in their positions which tend to be more withdrawn, is too much and they feel far too much pressure.

However, just as with any muscle, exercising your social muscles is more likely to make you feel confident in public situations and in uncomfortable positions with other people. CMM Technology brings this level of evaluation to your doorstep with our drug tests kits, featuring our LifeLoc FC10 breathalyser and our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. These can be excellent parts of your business today. Order now: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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