The Importance of Communication

Drug test kitsCommunication is so important that it cannot be understated. Communication allows people to stop assuming what is going on in the other person’s mind, often making up things which may or may not be there, and actually find out how the other person feels and what they are thinking and what is going on with them. Communication allows people who have brilliant ideas to bring them out in the open so that a team of other people can start working on bringing them into reality!

In business, communication is the cornerstone to making and keeping money. Unfortunately, some employees are less than avid with communication, and this could be for several reasons. They could have poorly developed social skills. They could be shy and withdrawn. They could simply have a quiet spirit and do not usually do most of the talking, but instead listen and allow other people to talk. However, one of the reason can be that someone continually takes things personally because they have low emotional maturity, and they are abusing drugs or alcohol at the same time. At any point, tempers can flare up, and there is never a good way to know if someone is going to be fit for duty, as you may say it.

At CMM Technology, our drug test equipment is top quality. We provide breathalysers and urine drug tests, not to mention the oral fluid drug tests which we give out. Screening tests are necessary in order to keep employees in a healthy state, communication-wise. If they are allowed to abuse substance unchecked, their workplace environment will only become poorer and poorer quality over time. We recommend our LifeLoc series, like our LifeLoc FC10. Communication would help to keep employees from stressing so much, but often the damage is too late when they begin exhibiting this abusive behavior at work. Use drug testing to determine who is able to handle the pressures of daily responsibilities, and who is not. CMM Technology provides high quality results and we even have a recalibration service. Call CMM Technology today for more information about drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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