The High Price of a Spotless Reputation

synthetic cannabis drug testWhen someone has a spotless reputation, they may be strong community or business leaders, because everyone respects them and looks up to them. Well, we don’t really mean everyone. You see, humans find it very difficult to be around perfection. We find it nigh impossible to be around people who really are perfect or seem to be to us. We put them down, we ridicule them, we say that they are stuck up, and we do everything in our power to convince ourselves that people of perfection are really unhappy and that they do not live very fulfilled lives.

The high price of a spotless reputation can sometimes be that, when you do fall down, there may not be a huge crowd of people waiting to help you or to pick you back up. People are more likely to help and support people who are just as weak and helpless as they perceive themselves to be. People are more likely to adjust and assist people who are similar to themselves. This does not apply to people of perfection. They have no peers. Not everyone feels that comfortable around them, and they may secretly rejoice when that person really does fall.

In business, your employees must be real and direct. Of course, they must be professional, but this does not mean being “fake.” It means, rather, that this person is likely to view the world through the best lenses that they can possible find. It means that these people who work for you will have to spread a real human impression of your business in the everyday world. And they cannot do this if they are in the middle of drug abuse or alcoholism while at work. They must be clean, at least during working hours, in order to be able to represent your company accurately.

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