The Heroin Seasons

Employee Drug TestingHeroin addicts rule the summertime. Heroin dulls the senses and helps you to feel invincible. It’s immensely pleasurable, and it is also highly addictive. Addicts can live in sub-normal living conditions, in broken down warehouses, and barely wear clothing to keep themselves warm because they are so able to drown out the sensory feelings they would normally receive from their deprived bodies. In the wintertime, such behavior often leads to being frozen to death, and so the cycle of heroin addiction usually begins in the warmer months.

If you are a heroin addict or you know someone who is, understand that heroin will slowly but very effectively take your life from you. It is a long, slow, emotionally disturbing suicide. Someone who is under the influence of heroin off and on for a year is usually unrecognizable in both their behavior and their appearance by now. There is so much that heroin does to the individual that it cannot be given enough warnings and it cannot be fought hard enough.

Individuals who are fighting, actively fighting it, heroin addiction must understand that this will be a long and very steep hill to climb. Both heroin and cocaine give you that feeling of invincibility, and that results in major withdrawal symptoms when it leaves your body. Instead of returning to a feeling of being normal, you withdraw with a feeling of helplessness and cowardice. It’s an awful experience, and long term heroin addiction can result in a withdrawal process which is insanely soul wrenching. If, however, you can get your body back onto basic nutrition and healthy food, then you will be able to at some point form a new personality and become a functioning person with normal thoughts and feelings.

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