The Healing Power of Fine Art

Fine art has somewhat of a reputation among non-art lovers for being stuffy and confined and cold and austere. However, fine art is meant to inspire and uplift the spirit of people who are viewing it. When fine art is studied, it actually changes the physical composition of those studying it. Not only does your personality become better rounded, it creates a space inside of you, in which only the practice of the best craftsmanship exists. This space inside of you is not devoted to perfect the art, not in the monetary gain or in the time required to perfect. It is a timeless space, where refinement happens all on its own, without the need for outside tools, scheduled time, and lots of detailed planning ahead of time. It is a safe, warm environment where your artistic craftsmanship can grow and develop without external constraints.

All of this grows inside of you when you study artistic forms and ways of expressing fine craftsmanship. All of this develops inside of you all on its own, and gives you unprecedented internal development which fills any holes which you may have developed growing up or in recent years. More specifically, this process may begin to counteract some of low emotional intelligence which you have developed, either through drug abuse or alcoholism or through being around an addict whose behavior affected you.

So, how powerful is this, exactly? Is it really that effective?  Can the study of fine art actually counteract the effect of alcoholism? In the author’s experience, yes, it certainly can. However, you get out of it about as much as you put into it, so one cannot expect to define a set amount of schooling and then be done with the process. It is about becoming an apprentice of a fine art expression, and gradually experimenting with, honing, and developing your skills and discernment until you are a master, and then further developing yourself. Every master is an apprentice themselves, and has a master, too. One cannot plateau at a certain level, and believe that they no longer need to grow.

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