The Gut Breakthrough

When someone does something risky and somewhat dangerous but with good and purposeful intention, they are called “gutsy.” It takes guts to do what they did, and people are often admired when they do something gutsy. Interestingly, alcoholics have the reputation for being gutsy, when in fact they are the opposite of this. Alcoholism is inherently prone to creating steady, predictable surroundings and is notoriously averse to unpredictable things occurring. While it may be risky to get involved with an alcoholic on any level, they attempt to control and maintain a predictable lifestyle which involves human error to the smallest degree possible. In fact, many spouses of alcoholics have found that just the threat of something unpredictable occurring in their world is enough to set them off, be it drinking or some other type of abusive behavior.

In the workplace, failure is extremely likely to occur, since humans need to experience failure in order to experience success. However, employees who abuse substances cannot handle this and they are therefore a liability to your company. Only rarely do people graduate to emotional tolerance in all areas of their lives, and this requires active conscious decision making at just about every step of the way in this process. In other words, the person must realise where they are lacking, and then consciously and actively work on that every day.

When individuals graduate between the two worlds, and move from emotional incompetence to psychological control and freedom, a wonderful thing happens. They have the ability to do all kinds of things which they were unable to accomplish prior to that time. It is almost as if they were asleep and now they have awoken and the sun is shining and the future is nothing but beauty and fulfillment. When this “gut breakthrough” occurs, all the work they did for years and sometimes decades becomes worth it, and they now have ease of job fulfillment that they did not possess when they were emotionally undeveloped.

Until such a wonderful time exists, you will still need to use employee drug and alcohol testing with all of your employees, since of course you will not know if they are abusing or not. This is especially true in large companies. Call CMM Technology today for your drug testing equipment:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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