The Greatest Gold: Human Connection

lifeloc breathalysersHuman connection is so undervalued that it is often overlooked, even in the job selection process. There are certain industries, however, which are oriented directly toward this human connection, and so they understand why skills in this area are vital in the job selection process. The hospitality industry and the travel industry are two examples of areas where people skills count a lot more than technical skills. Humans are delicate creatures at their very core, and they require tender loving care on a pretty regular basis. If your workers can identify this need and align themselves with it, then your business will soar. If however your employees don’t fulfill these requirements, they can seriously damage the reputation that your business has for customer care and quality control. Good news and bad news both spread by word of mouth, and bad news has a propensity for traveling a little bit faster. You need your customers to feel good about your company, not feel threatened by it.

Drug testing is part of the quality control process in any current business. It’s part of how you protect your assets, your employees, and your business reputation from inside influence by workers who have strayed from their professional roles. We say “strayed” because often drug abuse or alcoholism begins this way. Substance abuse is quite insidious, and it drags us down before we know what is happening. It is important to recognize how vulnerable people can be to this process before you judge them too harshly. You cannot help them, no, but you can understand how easily they have slipped down into this particular rut.

Human connection counts.

Protect your greatest gold. Implement drug testing. Implement employee drug testing on a regular basis. Help your business be clean of people who do not respect it or want to be a part of its success. Find out who is fit for duty and who is not. Be proactive.

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