The Glass Wall

If someone does not have an active abuse of drugs or alcohol but they suffer from low emotional intelligence, they are often criticised for being lazy and dependent upon other people. If they do in fact have low emotional intelligence, however, they are suffering much more than others think and their abilities are a great deal smaller than what others believe them to possess. In fact, this lack of internal development, which can begin as early as four years of age, is very much like a glass wall which separates them from what they wish to achieve.

You see, these individuals are very aware that they can physically get up and get some small task done, and they are very aware that they are also mentally capable of doing it. Therein lies the problem. While they are physically and mentally capable of performing seemingly simple and easy tasks, there is still a very real and very obstructive glass wall in between them and completion of these tasks. When a forty-something-year-old man only learned eight years of emotional development from his parents, he is unable to accomplish adult responsibilities and he is unable to get them finished at all, except under extreme emotional duress, after which he must recuperate, sometimes over a period of several days.

And the really cruel part of all of this is that he is still able to see through that glass wall at all of the things which he is unable to do, even though he would very much like to do them. Obligations to himself and family and friends remain completely undone, and the guilt and shame which arise from this is overwhelming to say the least. In fact, while healthy and well-rounded individuals would simply go find another job should they lose their current employment, some stunted individuals have been so overwhelmed by job loss and their sense of failure that they even commit suicide, because it seems like the only way out. You can take an axe to this glass wall and pound on it with your fists and scream at the top of your lungs, and it just won’t come down.

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