The Efficacy of Customer Surveys

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Drug & Alcohol Test, Alcohol TestCustomer surveys are meant to give a business an accurate assessment of how they are seen. Unfortunately, sometimes the customer survey taking process can be biased and give business owners inaccurate information, thus depleting the efficacy of the survey to begin with. Fortunately, there are ways of making sure that your assessments are true and that you know what your customers need and enjoy and would like to see in the future.

Try to get live feedback, if possible. Live feedback allows you to see changes in customer opinions in real time. This is important in assessing how new or test changes are viewed and if customers like part of one experience and part of another. Also, live feedback allows them to feel as if they have control over the monitoring process.

Follow up, if possible. This is something which should be taken into consideration and done if at all humanly possible. Following up means that you can have direct contact with your customers and ask them specifically about their experience and listen to all of their comments, not just what they felt like writing down at any given moment in time.

Don’t take it personally. This is a difficult one, because sometimes honest feedback is hard to swallow. This is especially true if you have a certain mental picture of your business which does not match that of your customers by a long shot. However, there is a reason why you ordered these customer surveys done, and that is that they are meant to inform you about how you are really seen, not just how you would like to be seen.

Focus on comments, not on numbers. Customer experience narratives and comments are extremely valuable because they are listing specific questions or concerns which your customers have. These need to be addressed as soon as possible. Numbers matter, but these narratives are especially useful and tangible.

Workplace drug and alcohol testing is a great way to keep things in check so that you never receive the customer feedback of, “I showed up and the receptionist was high as a kite!” Nobody wants that. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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