The Edge between Humanity and Cruelty

Breathalyser Recalibration ServiceHumans really are frail creatures, but we often spend our entire lives pretending to be more than we are, tougher than we are, worse than we are, or just wilder than we are. We want to make ourselves and others believe that we are not to be messed with. Of course, this can be useful, but it can also be a detrimental habit to take up. For instance, when was the last time you put up walls around yourself when encountering extended family member during the holidays? Did it end up helping or hurting things?

We act like gods who can both create and destroy each other. However, we are still humans who can and will be hurt by everything around us. Doing things well and working together smoothly involves professionalism. Professionalism involves being nice and polite, not overreacting emotionally, and staying calm in a crisis. Being able to see the other side of the problem is one of the characteristics of a leader. Being able to look at a situation and visualize what it will be like when the issue passes is crucial in any company.

Help your employees to engender this spirit within themselves by helping them to take control over any drinking or drug abusing in the workplace. Employee drug testing is a powerful tool, especially when used right. Help your workers to see the help which their participation will create. Help them to understand why their livelihoods are calmer and more manageable when everyone is safe and protected in their workplace. This is all part of engendering an atmosphere of helpfulness and creativity on the jobsite, instead of competition and bitterness. When people feel that they have to fight back at all times, they turn both their work and their homes into a battleground.

Alcohol tests, like our breathalyser devices, contribute to keeping things in order, too. Also, you can take advantage of our breathalyser recalibration service. We are here to help and to aid you in your process of turning the living organism of your business into a healthy and productive cell. Call us today for more information or to ask us any questions: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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