The Danger of “If”

CMM Technology distributes drug test equipment to businesses (and sometimes individuals) all over Australia and to other select countries. drug test equipmentNow, we know that there are many ways in which to promoted proper employee drug testing, but we also know that businesses are looking for convenience and accuracy in this area more than any other qualification. After all, no one is going to use processes which are less accurate or which takes loads of time, if they can help it, are they?

Naturally, we recommend using onsite drug testing and using our drug test kits and personal breathalyser devices are part of your normal operations. Of course, if you don’t find this idea to be convenient, consider this. We select the best types of equipment for every need, so that you get the best drug test kits and alcohol tests in every category. Then, our sister company, Mediscreen, implements the onsite drug testing at your place of business. The whole process is easy, time efficient, convenient for both you and your workers, and more cost effective than expensive laboratory processes. Naturally, we would encourage you to use our methodology rather than the processes by which our competitors screen your employees.

When you speculate about what to do, remember that when you use “if” situations, you can plan things out ahead, and consider what all of the different consequences and repercussions, both good and bad, will be for each of your decisions. However, there is a danger in using “if” situations when thinking about the past. It’s good to understand all of the different ways in which the past has connected and broken apart so that you can assess the situation, the present, and the future better. But to express “if” situations about the past is to show active regret for how the past turned out, and to be honest, this is a very bad way of living or of running a business. Learn from your mistakes, but don’t ever express (and try to not even think) regret for them, because they have taught you everything you know right now.

Without that knowledge, you would not be the person you are, or have the company you currently have, right now: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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