The Background Music of Your Brain

Everyone has some background music playing in their brain, whether it isDrug test equipment destructive or constructive. It really is impossible to eliminate all internal dialogues altogether. You must have something inside of you which is playing constructive tunes, rather than a destructive internal song.

Unfortunately, many employees find that their jobs are so stressful and so above their emotional competency that they begin abusing drugs or alcohol. Now, taking preventative action against their stress would not be a problem in other circumstances, but this is actually one of the more self annihilating things that they can do! When they begin abusing drugs or alcohol, their emotional intelligence drops…further and further…until even their everyday home life is out of their control. And, they are aware of this.

Something must be wrong with them, they think. Get yourself together, you’re being weak. This does not sound like very harsh internal thoughts, but when they do not work, the language and the level of attack becomes harsher. It degenerates to some pretty nasty stuff while the abuser spirals out of control, seeking to numb their pain more and more with drugs and alcohol.

At CMM Technology, we provide drug test equipment for businesses all over Australia, and we are based in Perth, WA. Drug testing is especially effective for people who find that their employees are off the wall or behaving in an erratic or careless manner, or whose behavior is inconsistent.

Try our urine drug tests, which have adulterant tests built right in. Very few urine drug tests have that feature, and we carry high quality alcohol tests, such as our LifeLoc FC10 breathalyser device. We also have a breathalyser recalibration service if you already have equipment which you need to have recalibrated. At CMM Technology, you get the whole package. Make sure that your employees are fit for duty. Make sure that the people you hire have a fairly tolerable internal song running through their brains. Anything less is just not professional, and can become too obvious for business practices. Call CMM Technology today for more information about drug testing in Western Australia: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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