The Assumption of Evil

Lifeloc FC10There is an assumption of there being great evil in this world. Evil people, evil circumstances, evil deities…a lot of it flies over the heads of those who use that terminology when asked to define evil. When asked to define what or who is evil, they cannot answer. The assumption remains, but the truth is that many people bring death and destruction into their own lives, and very little of it is “inflicted” upon them by an outside perpetrator. We are all flawed humans doing the best with what we have available to us.

Now, when people bring death and destruction into their own lives, there can be a great desire to put the guilt onto someone else, but when you engage in drug or alcohol abuse, you are putting your fate into things which do not have your best interests at heart. If you do this, then the trouble you attract to yourself is practically to be expected.

When you are looking to bring your workers through the employment and career process safely and effectively, you must make note of any substance abuse which they may acquire on their record while being at your business. This can only be done by employee drug testing, and that requires urine drug tests or oral fluid drug tests, as well as alcohol tests, all of which are available through CMM Technology. We bring high quality drug test equipment to your business, anytime, anywhere in Australia. There is so much “evil” in this world, each individual bringing in their own share of troubles, and then perhaps putting the responsibility on someone else’s shoulders, but they bring it, nonetheless.

When you wish to secure your business assets, you cannot do so through control, but you can find out if your employees are obeying company policy, and the scientific data acquired through drug testing is unmatched. CMM Technology provides you with all of the tools which you will need to have at your disposal in order to understand who may need to be watched, disciplined, or let go based upon their substance abuse record in the workplace. And, of course, we will be here for you: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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