The Age of Love

If you have workers who are abusing drugs and alcohol and who are past their middle age, then you may be looking at latecomers to the “summer Urine drug testof love,” the hippie movement which spread worldwide, promoting community prosperity and peaceful exchange of many things, not the least of which happened to be rampant amounts of sex. Of course, not all addiction goes hand in hand with sex. We are simply referring to a period of time and a subculture which grew into something quite unstoppable, affecting the next two decades of global culture.

The age of love was never supposed to last forever, but it certainly lasted long enough to help a generation and a half become addicted to the idea that drugs and alcohol aren’t really problematic, as long as you take them in reasonable amounts and don’t overdo it. Of course, in the workplace environment, this concept is inaccurate, which is why employee drug testing has skyrocketed in the past two decades.

There is a lot to turn over and examine closely when it comes to which initiatives are productive and which aren’t. In today’s society, there will always be a need for alcohol tests and drug testing, but the truth is that neither the users nor the examiners can really have a sure advantage over the other. The truth is that there will always be abuse and there will always be regulations intended to limit this abuse.

The age of employee drug testing is several decades removed from the age of love, but it serves a purpose in freeing companies to work like they want to work. There is a finality in the way that businesses are now able to control who is able to work there and who isn’t. Every private organization has this right, of course, but businesses can now really monitor their employees through drug testing and other screening tests. That is a real movement forward when it comes to progress. Both ages brought about progression and change, and both serve functional purposes. This, however, is the age of investing in high quality drug test equipment, and we advise you to get it from us. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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