Tender Loving Care

Oraline Saliva Drug There will be times in the operation of your business when all your employees need is a little pick-me-up which lifts their spirits and gives them hope for the future concerning their jobs and performance record. There will be times when all you have to do is listen well or give one or two small pieces of sage advice. All of this is great if that is all you have to do.

However, there are inevitable circumstances when the only problem is the substance abuse of one or more employees.

Will tender loving care fix this? Not exactly.

Many people believe that if they give an addict enough love it will fix the individual. It will not. In fact, you can really open yourself up to being stolen from, used and abused by the addict in order for them to live their abusive lifestyle and continue purchasing their drugs. The situation is dire if you let them in like this. You can love them. You can give them tender loving care. Just make sure that you have boundaries between you and them, unbroken boundaries, at all times.

Now, your business needs tender loving care and this is how you can express some of that desire to help someone or something out. If you take good care of your company, it will return the favor many times over. Do not allow employees to abuse substances in your workplace, and your assets will be protected from liability and fraud.

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