Ten Cents to the Job

Do you remember a time when jobs paid very small amounts of money, you know, before inflation kicked in? If you don’t remember that, then do australian standards approved breathalyseryou remember being a kid and setting up a lemonade stand or a lawn mowing service? You remember that you had to offer your products or services at a very low rate, because after all you were just a kid. Then you grew up, got your first paycheck, and all of a sudden money became very real to you.

The concept of paying or being paid ten cents to the job, so to speak, is the inherent satisfaction that many people get out of their work, if they have the right attitude about it. In other words, it is a way to spend your days and keep out of trouble, and it helps to pay the bills, as well.

Well, that IS the right attitude to have if we all lived in a perfect world where everyone pays their bills on time and your spouse is flawless in every way.

What is the right attitude to have about your job since you live in THIS world?

That’s a good question.

Many scientists, philosophers, and artists have made the point that you cannot go further than you are right now if you cannot be happy and content in your current position, first. Why would a company invest more in your job if you are not investing enough in it as it is now?

In the workplace environment, many employees who are abusing drugs or alcohol find themselves very unhappy with their jobs and with the stress created by even working. Often, these people move from job to job because they blame their unhappiness on the job itself, rather than their own low emotional maturity.

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