Teen Employees and Rebellion

Breathalyser, Urine Drug Test, Drug testYounger employees who are teenagers or young adults can become problematic if they bring disruptive behavior to the jobsite. This is especially true if they bring rebellion to the jobsite. Rebellion is part of a variety of modus operandi which teens use to individuate themselves from their parents, teachers and other authority figures. It is part of how they grow up. Unfortunately, it is easy for teenagers to lump bosses and managers in with teachers and parents. When this occurs, rebelling against you may become just as much of a pastime as rebelling against the others.

So what happens if you are a good boss and are doing everything correctly? It may be about respect. When teens feel respected as new, self-created adults, then they are more likely to give respect in return. In some cases, there is a preconception of being treated like an underling, and it may take some time before they begin to change this preconception. Part of creating or restoring respectful employer-employee relationships is setting boundaries and enforcing, while allowing freedom within those boundaries. That is important for many different types of relationships, but it can be especially true in the workplace, where otherwise equal adults are ranked within a hierarchy.

Defining boundaries and freedom can be particularly important when dealing with teenage and young adult employees, because they are still learning and defining their own personal boundaries. It is a good idea to not make any assumptions of your employees, and to set down expectations at the beginning of employment. This includes rules and policies regarding drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace, as well as what could happen if employees arrive to work under the influences of drugs or alcohol. Initial and regular employee drug testing is one of the ways in which you can define and enforce such boundaries.

Whether your employees tend to range in younger age groups or not, predefined rules and expected boundaries are necessary in order to keep your business operations running smoothly. Call CMM Technology today for information on our drug tests and alcohol breathalyser tests: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.


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