Taking Time to Talk

Urine drug testTalking is something that only about a quarter of the population is very good at. For those of you who are talkers out there, keep this in mind when trying to get someone else to be as talkative as you are. It really is only a quarter of the population who can pull this off with any degree of talent.

However, even among those who avoid being around people because they prefer their privacy or one on one time, talking still counts. As long as it is in private and just between themselves and another person, it can be quite effective. Hardcore introverts find it easy to talk when they feel comfortable with the person with whom they are talking.

Taking time to talk is the subject of this article and even hardcore introverts like to specifically take time out of the day or their schedule to talk with each other. With introverts, it tends to be a little more “planned” than with extroverts, but it is time taken, whatever the case. All of this means that people who take the time to talk often do it because it makes them feel better. This is the human connection with which we are all familiar. All of us need it, no matter our personal preference for degree of interaction. We all need that human touch: the ability to feel close to another person while on this journey on earth.

In the workplace, this connection is still needed and it is fostered only when people can have normal, healthy, emotional reactions to each other. Drug abuse is only a severance of this connection. Alcohol abuse only makes this connection more distorted. It is only through employee drug testing that you can begin to see who is severing these ties and who is still upholding them. People still naturally seek connections, so all of us succeed in this manner to some degree. However, if someone is not fit for duty, they are certainly not fit to uphold these human interactions. To find out more about the drug test equipment CMM Technology provides, give us a call today at: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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