Taking the Edge Off

When describing the effects of marijuana or other recreational drugs to their friends, teenagers often use the phrase “taking the edge off.” This is meant to imply that, whatever stress or problems you are feeling, the drug in question will remove the worst part of the experience from your immediate consciousness. Somehow, it also seems to imply that the drug in question will enable you to better handle the current and any future problems. This is unfortunately not the case, since it stops you from needing to deal with problems and therefore prevents you from building emotional strength or tolerance in those areas. Thus, current and future problems become more difficult to handle, rather than less difficult.

Taking the edge off means different things to different people. Often, it simply means making their life a little easier, and many teenagers who have well balanced lives find themselves thinking of and pondering on what stresses they do have, even if they are managing them successfully before they begin abusing the drugs. Before long, they may find it much more difficult to handle what they had previously not found difficult at all. Their emotional strength and resiliency is not being exercised on a regular basis, and they therefore begin to wane in those areas, much like when an unused muscle atrophies over time.

Taking the edge off of the hardest parts of your life is never the best way out. In fact, even if you are in an abusive relationship with a parent or other family member, it is still the best thing to face your problems head on. This is true even if there is not an immediate to the abuse in sight. Dealing with your problems face to face and head on every day will enable you to have the strength fight the real world whenever you are able to interact with it.

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