Taking Advice with Class

Taking Advice with ClassTaking advice with class and dignity is extremely hard to do. Why is it so difficult? Mostly, it is hard because you are likely to slide off in one of two directions, rather than staying the straight course of classiness.

The first road of error is, of course, in not being able to take advice to any useful extent. While a person, not being overly sensitive, can see the error of their ways, it may be really difficult for them to not take it personally or to not see it as something which they need to really self deprecate on. This is unfortunate, since self discovery can be an enjoyable experience if it is not accompanied by self condemnation.

The second road of error is in not being able to discern between good and bad advice. With good advice, the mistake is made in pretending to listen or to be about to follow it, but dismissing it as something which doesn’t apply to you. With bad advice, the mistake is in accepting all advice is good and proper and constantly being blown around by the wind this way and that way. It takes a lot of stupidity and lack of life experience and lack of discernment to be that unable to tell the difference between good and bad advice. You must be able to determine what news and information you will follow, and what does not apply to your specifically or to your circumstances objectively.

Companies pay a lot to find employees who are this level headed. Unfortunately, sometimes idiots slip through the cracks. When this happens, it opens up the solid workplace to people who have no qualms about bending the rules a little more and more each day, and then break them altogether. The final result will be an individual who feels okay with defrauding the company and lying to your face, still thinking of it as “bending the truth” a little bit.

Employee drug testing has eliminated the majority of these employees, since irresponsibility goes hand in hand with addiction and other forms of self destruction. That is why CMM Technology provides drug test kits and LifeLoc FC10 to your company and to businesses all over Australia, so that your screening tests are the highest quality available. You want your staff to be fit for duty and you want them to be able to take advice with class. Help them with their objectives and with yours. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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