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Running Strong, Running Long

synthetic drug testingHuman beings are some of nature’s most gifted long distance hunters. In hunting tribes which hunt on foot, people in the tribe from the oldest to the youngest all outdistance the animals to catch their prey. Now, this is true for many different tribes the world over, and notice that we did not say that they outrun the animals. Rather, they outdistance them. By merely having more stamina than the animals, they are able to run them into the ground, quite literally.

Humans are known for being able to run strong and run long, in both a literal sense and a figurative sense.

They have far reaching talent in both stamina and non-stop endurance testing, and this translates into superb outdistancing hunting skills. We’re not even talking about using long distance rifles or anything like that. This is just a form of wearing the animal down.

As we look at what we are willing to endure in the workplace, we see some similarities with these foot hunting tribes. We see that we are willing to work overtime if we can get double or triple paid overtime. We see that we are willing to work labor intense jobs if it guarantees a certain lack of politics and a high paycheck. When it comes to bringing home the bacon, we are ready and willing to run long and run strong.

However, much of this is destroyed when we have coworkers who toke up during their lunch break or bring alcohol to drink during their break periods. Their sheer laziness doesn’t only annoy us, it makes us lose faith in our long term financial goals and plans. It makes us dread going to work and being around these types of people. You are attempting to be a money magnet, but their behavior is degrading and disrespectful.

Protect your employees from being around these kinds of workers by using CMM Technology’s drug test equipment and alcohol breathalyser tests in your drug testing program. We even have a breathalyser recalibration service which is accredited by NATA. All of this is meant to bring your business in line, not only with its own company policies, but with your company’s financial goals, too: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Dealing with Stress in Others

Dealing with Stress in OthersStress in other people is one of the most major causes for stress in people today. No, no, that does not mean that we can blame our problems on everyone else’s issues, but it does mean that we are acknowledging the fact that most of us care about other people. When someone in our lives is stressed out and cannot handle the situation they have been dealt, then we are told to give them comfort and support.

Of course, this is more difficult when they are stressing you out in turn!

What do you do in this situation?

First, realize that it is a bad idea to make any decisions while under the influence of emotions. Emotions are only meant to be measuring devices and they can really mess up cognitive thinking and logic. Therefore, it can be difficult to control them or to think rationally when in the grip of them.

Secondly, remember that stress and emotions are only temporary. Not everything will last when it comes to the emotional state you are in, and therefore acting on this stress can lead to a huge mess that you will have to clean up later.

Employee drug testing helps companies determine if employees are able to handle this stress appropriately or not. It’s a fairly straightforward concept that, if someone is abusing alcohol or drugs while at work or before going to work, they are unable to deal with the stress involved. It is also pretty certain that since they are abusing substances while on the jobsite, they are really not able to handle the workload you have for them.

Of course, different companies have different policies concerning what to do for employee drug testing. Here at CMM Technology, we think that the drug test equipment you have makes all the difference. We are NATA accredited for breathalyser recalibration, too. We provide alcohol tests and other screening tests to Australia, and we are proud of what we do. If you are in the market for drug test kits, we invite you to head on over to our website, check out our products, and maybe take a look at our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Smart Cars that Detect Drunk Drivers

Alcotech,alcosense, lion SD 400,lion SD 500, medixA Personal Account from a young male driver

CMM Technology presents another personal account from a young male driver who speaks frankly about drink-driving and the new technology in the war against drinking and driving on our roads.

Last weekend my brother and I had occasion to be at a friend’s party. When we exited, I was so drunk I could not remember where the ignition switch of my car was located and had to ask my brother to drive me home. Had my car been one of those new vehicles with the latest gizmos such as the alcohol sensor, even if I had managed to get the key into the car ignition the chances are, it might not have started at all.

New Technology

The new vehicles are being fitted with state-of-the-art alcohol and fatigue sensors. The alcohol sensors are to be built into the car steering or the car ignition system that will do away with the key system. Instead, the driver will only have to touch the ignition panel and car would start – if you were not drunk that is, because the new touch technology is to have a built-in alcohol sensor system.1

The new technology being developed by QinetiQ North America will be available in most cars within the decade. The method is to use smart alcohol sensors embedded in the car ignition or driving wheel. These alcohol sensors would detect alcohol content in the blood through the skin and compare the results against the legally permissible limit that has been stored in the on-board system. If the alcohol sensor detects that the driver’s blood alcohol is above the legally permissible limit, the car will simply not start. The other systems such as light, etc. will function but the car itself will not start. 2

However, critics of the alcohol sensor system point out that:

  • If the car fails to start in the winter, the driver could well freeze to death
  • The driver could get someone else to put their finger on the ignition panel
  • If any non-alcoholic person can start the car then the car could be stolen
  • The owner might be able to hack into the system and raise the alcohol limit
  • If the government were to raise or lower the alcohol limits, the car owner would need to take the car for recalibration
  • Despite the driver not having taken any drinks, the alcohol detection system might malfunction leaving the driver stranded in the middle of nowhere
  • Not all people drink
  • Those who do not drink will still have to pay more for the mandatory alcohol sensors while buying the car and then also pay for its maintenance

QinetiQ points out that it would take at least another 10 years before all the little glitches in the alcohol sensors are ironed out and that they do not intend to market it until and unless they feel the alcohol sensors are one hundred percent perfect.

I guess some day in the near future my car is going to say to me “sorry, the alcohol in your blood is above the legally permissible limit” and if I argue it might add “listen mate, I don’t care if you’re in the middle of the Gibson desert – please walk home” and that would be that.3

CMM Technology supplies quality testing devices to all forms of industry and business. Saliva testing devices, urine testing devices, breathalysers – both hand held and all mounted are all available. Speak with CMM Technology about your alcohol and drug testing needs +618 1300 79 70 30.

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