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CMM Partners with THORZT to minimise Heat Stress at sites.

CMM Partners with THORZT

Over the past 4 years CMM Technology™ have been supplying business with the leading hydration testing device on the market today, – the ‘Pen’ Refractometer (Click to see). We also provide a variety of dip tests, to assist in monitoring personal hydration levels.

We are pleased to announce that we have now entered into a Distribution Partnership with THORZT Australia to supply their range of Electrolyte Drinks (Australian made for Australian Conditions), Coolers and Apparel to manage hydration and minimise the effects of heat stress.

This partnership means that CMM Technology™ can now supply you with all of your heat management needs from monitoring hydration levels, prevention of heat stress through to managing heat stress with the benefit of increased worker safety, well-being, morale and productivity.


Australian made for Australian conditions THORZT has been scientifically formulated to meet the hydration needs of a hard working body in extreme working conditions.

THORZT is available in LOW SUGAR & SUGAR FREE and a range of flavours and concentrations.

For the full product range please click here to view the product catalogue.

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This Day and Time

mouthpiecesLook out your office window, or out the window nearest to you. Just stop for a minute, and take a look outside. What time of day is it? The cool still notes of morning as the light is newly fresh, the warm haze of afternoon as you spend it lazily looking out, or perhaps it is evening or even dusk, and you see the crisp blackness touching golden streetlights outside.

This day and time are so beautiful. If you wanted to, you could probably stand at your window at the same time every day and get a similar experience, day after day.

In fact, that is what many poor dear people are doing, when they begin to abuse drugs or alcohol more and more. They are thinking toward a certain time of day, a certain feeling that they once had, a long time ago, and they are remembering it well.

They remember the feeling, and so they go to the right place, and wait for the right time. But, it may not feel like it did before. So, they take a little alcohol or drug to make them more sentimental, more open. The stillness deepens, but their awareness of it does not.

CMM Technology brings drug test equipment to Australia. We provide drug test kits, saliva drug tests, and urine drug tests to businesses all over Australia. We love doing business in this great country of ours. We love providing local companies with the resources they need to implement employee drug testing. Our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services can service even alcohol tests which you already have, not just our own. We also provide saliva and urine drug tests.

This day and time, stand at the window at your work. Remember that so many people want to make it big in business, but few of them make it because they are not ready to commit everything they have to one idea, one single idea, within a single time period. It is this which makes people unable to function correctly in business. CMM Technology puts your business and its priorities first. We know what your employees are worth: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Hard Losses and Steep Gains of Trial

Breathalyser Recalibration ServiceEvery time you suffer through a trial, you are gaining and losing things at the same time. What exactly are you gaining, and what exactly are you losing?

In terms of gain, you are getting more and more life experience, and you are seeing the world through a better perspective. By gaining these life experiences, you are putting yourself in a position to make wiser and less trial-inducing decisions in the future. You are also gaining knowledge of what you are capable of, as well as gaining more and greater internal strength with which to deal with other trials. For example, you may easily find yourself in a position where you did not expect yourself to survive or to survive as well as you have. This gives you future reference of what you are capable of, what not to do in the future from your own perspective (we all know that the perspective of other people may or may not work for us), and you will develop stronger internal muscles, as long as you don’t have to use them consistently all the time.

After all, research has shown that people who deplete their internal strength reserves need some time to pass to recuperate those reserves before they will be strong enough to play the game again. This means that you are far more likely to do well in work, in school, at home, with your family, and in relationships if you have plenty of reserve from which to draw. And that means that you need to take breaks from stressful situations and allow those reserves to refill so that you can plunge back in and get the job done even better this time around.

If your employees are not able to get refueling of their reserves between work and home, they may resort to drug abuse or alcoholism while on the worksite, or they may show up intoxicated by one or the other.

CMM Technology gives you the ability to look at their records and make sure that this is not going on inside your workplace environment. We provide drug test kits, alcohol tests, like our Lifeloc FC10, and NATA accredited recalibration services for your breathalyser devices. Make sure that your employees are not exposed to additional stress from each other: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Methamphetamine and Denial

workplace drug test,oraline drug test,medixDenial has a negative connotation in the substance abuse community, and with good reason. As with many abuse help programs, recognizing and admitting to denial is step one in recovery. However, you may not be able to tell the difference between sincerity and true denial. It is generally assumed that if someone does not give the required response, then they are still in denial, no matter what. No matter how strong their belief is, denial is the culprit in every case. What is real, what is fake, and what is tied to substance abuse and the alteration of cognitive processes?

Methamphetamine abuse is an “upper” drug, which stimulates the nervous system, over-stimulates the neurons in the brain, causes many physical side effects, including the “shakes,” a convulsive hypertension in the body, or meth mouth, a rotting of the enamel, dentin and eventually the remainder of the teeth. Meth abuse is highly addictive and individuals on the drug will do just about anything to acquire it. In addition to this, their cognitive processes are so distorted, especially while “high” on the drug, that they may not have access to their moral center…at all. Any individual in the hold of drugs or alcohol is putting themselves and others in extreme danger. How do they live with themselves? They deny it.

Of course, if you have been abusing the drug for long enough, it becomes impossible to deny that you are abusing it, even to yourself. However, you can still easily deny the harm it is doing and how it has destroyed your relationships and how alone you are now. Denial is like black clothing. You can mix and match it with any form of substance abuse. How can you tell when a recovering addict is being sincere?

Well, it is not through looking at them and believing that they really have changed this time. Instead, interact with them as you normally do and watch them very carefully. If they are truly recovered, their actions and behavior will reflect this. They will be able to obtain and hold down a job. They will be able to communicate effectively with their friends and family members. They will eat and drink properly and look a lot healthier, and stronger…and happier.

Obviously, addicts have a long road to travel and the objects blocking their road along the way include judgment and suspicion from family members. It is not an easy road to travel. However, when they reach your place of work, you have regular drug and alcohol testing procedures in place to help them along and keep your assets safe. Contact CMM Technology today: +618-9204-2500.


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