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The Power of a Smile

synthetic cannabis drug testA smile tells you so many things about a person. You can tell if it’s sincere or fake. You can tell if it’s angry or repressed. You can tell if it’s warm or excited. A smile does so much for the people around you. Sometimes, a kind word or a comforting gesture is not what is needed, but a warm, loving smile that tells them that you are fine with them and with where everything is, just as it is.

Of course, smiles can be used in office politics and in other examples of workplace drama. It’s necessary to keep things in line with drug testing, so that you know if anyone is taking the subject of drama a little too far in business. That is why many businesses in Australia use CMM Technology for their drug test equipment supplier.

We are accredited by NATA for breathalyser recalibration, and we are proud of the quality control we have in this process. On top of that, we are proud of the quality of each line of our products, from urine drug tests to oral fluid drug tests, not to mention the alcohol breathalyser devices. Lifeloc FC10 is one of our more popular products. And when it comes to implementing these various pieces of equipment, we return to the subject of smiling. There is something so powerful, so entrancing, and so engaging and relieving in the quality of a smile. People do not understand how important it is to always have a big and sincere smile on their faces when they are meeting the challenges of the business world.

Today, you can take advantage of the quality products at CMM Technology and, on a more personal note, you can take advantage of this friendly reminder to smile when handling your company’s business. It pays off in so many ways. It is this careful attention to detail which helps us deliver the right quality of drug testing products to your door. If you would like to know more, remember to visit our website and to go ahead and give us a call to place an order: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Taking In All That Is Good

synthetic cannabis drug testWe are told from the age of young childhood that we should help other people and be generous and that we should not be selfish or entirely self serving. Of course, that can lead to an extreme mentality where a person doesn’t feel comfortable accepting good things from other people. They may even feel guilty for taking on good things or accepting favors or even acknowledging tokens of good will, since they are terrified of being seen as pompous or lordly.

Of course, everything must be done in season and in measure, but most people are not always aware of what is reasonable and what is extreme behavior or what are extreme thought habits to have. Taking in all that is good is a good thing. It means being willing to use those things and not always giving them away again. It is part of being a good steward, and we all know that good stewards don’t seek to get rid of everything they have all of the time. They seek to find purpose for their resources and productivity for their stores and blessings.

When you order drug test equipment from CMM Technology, we know that you are taking process in one of the oldest and most time honored traditions of employee evaluation in modern times. We set a priority on our drug test kits and alcohol tests so that we only provide the best equipment for each subcategory of urine drug tests, saliva drug tests, or personal breathalyser devices. Of course, we are also NATA accredited for our breathalyser recalibration service.

What could be better? Taking in all that is good is…good! We know that you want to be able to check on your employees without getting into emotionally charged arguments with your managers about whom they prefer and who was on time. No, it is better to use science and get the basic minimal information about their compliance with company policy without all of the office drama. So, when you are looking for a breathalyser, like our Lifeloc FC10, remember that CMM Technology distributes our drug test kits all over Australia and to select countries outside of our great nation. Call us today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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How to Take Help Without Weakening Your Muscles

Drug testing is all about giving you quality information about your employees so that you can make Urine drug testinformed decisions about who to hire, who to retain, and who to let go.

Sometimes, one of your employees will have the “I can do it myself” mentality. They will seek to get the job done all on their own, because they believe that if they do it with help from someone else, that that means that they are weak or something.

Unfortunately, this mentality is the kind which can lead to being easily overwhelmed, not wishing to admit that they are wrong about the above assumption, and they may end up resorting to drugs or alcohol to help them feel more powerful and more in control of their lives.

Employee drug testing, like the administration of oral fluid drug tests or alcohol tests, shows us that often the individuals who need the most help are the ones who do not ask for any. Now, this is not just true in the workplace. It is true in every part of life, and we would do well to remember this before being stubborn about who does what when and how. You must be able to keep perspectives on how your life is run.

There will definitely be times when you cannot handle what you cannot handle. There is just no way around it. However, if someone else can give you help, information, or just moral support, then it can go a long way to easing you into new experiences and ground on which you are very uncertain.

In your business, you will inevitably have to perform employee drug testing. We here at CMM Technology recommend that you use our breathalyser recalibration service, as well. We know that you probably have alcohol tests of your own, and we can recalibrate your alcohol breathalyser devices. In addition to this, we provide urine drug tests and saliva drug tests, like our ToxSure saliva drug test. Do not worry about your employees being tested. Being fit for duty means taking help without weakening your muscles. Call us today at: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Employee Drug Testing and Giving Space

Giving space is something that only a few people know how to do very well. When you breathalyser calibration services in australiahave a forceful personality, like the author of this article, it is easy to simply get your way and move the forces of the company through nothing but your own personality.

Giving space to employees who need it is an art form, since some of them thrive on pressure and some of them thrive on creative license. Sometimes, it is about external and internal motivations. You cannot know how each individual employee will react to what you do, and it is very important to give space when space needs to be given.

It can free up a worker’s mind so that they get the job done three times as fast.

When such is not the case, they can feel cramped, bitterness or resentment, while the work is not getting done as fast as it could be, and while their freedom of movement and spirit are not being accommodated. After all, if you are in the flow of things at a job where you excel, you do not need such things as constant supervision or someone micro managing what you are doing.

The balance occurs when you realize what and how your subordinates are thinking, and you are able to match their concentration and understand their process of working. If you understand your worker, then you are far more likely to give them the room they need to go through their sometimes slow, sometimes methodical, but always thorough process.

CMM Technology helps you prepare your employees to be fit for duty. Employee drug testing is meant to weed out anyone who may be bringing down the productivity, morale, or safety protocol for any given business. That is why drug testing is even required by law in some industries. It is more important to have a safe workplace than an erratic one. Try our Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser devices, as well as our breathalyser recalibration service for any equipment you may already have and be using. And to learn how you can get drug test kits with built in adulterant tests, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Drug Screening in a Dangerous Environment

Recalibration Service, Chain Of CustodyHigh hazard industries, such as mining and aviation, are designed specifically to get labor intensive and necessary work done, but this can also be somewhat hazardous for employees, especially when they opt to do extremely dangerous work involving explosives or places where methane gas can develop or build up. Hazardous jobs are one thing, but hazardous working conditions are another. There will always be high risk jobs, most of which pay relatively well, but some working conditions increase the danger to each employee’s health and well being.

In most cases, drug testing is mandatory in high hazard industries. This is to keep unnecessary hazards from infusing the workplace, hazards such as drug addiction and alcoholic behavior. Not only would employees be setting a poor example for each other, but being unable to fully and quickly control your own faculties is a dangerous thing, even in a safe job. However, high hazard positions are fraught with stress, protocol, and safety procedures which are not just followed because it is recommended, but because there are lives at stake. In these jobs, safety protocol such as drug and alcohol testing is necessary.

Employees who are not suited for these positions are people who are overwhelmed by the potential risk involved. This is of course understandable, but not everyone is as easily overwhelmed. Some people enjoy a rock hard challenge, and they enjoy the fact that they must understand everything about their job and their coworkers jobs in order to even be safe while at work. It is not just a thrill ride for them, but a test of their stamina and creativity. When they live up to the challenge, they are met with success. When they are not, they are met with hazard and potentially a fatality. Obviously, not everyone is suited for this type of work.

Drug and alcohol screening is designed to reduce all types of risk within your company, and CMM Technology distributes drug tests and alcohol breathalyser devices which get the job done. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Pre-employment Issues for Persons in Recovery

Breathalyser,Urine Drug TestMany people in recovery feel that they will be unable to hide their drug use from potential employers. They mistakenly believe that there is a big sign on their forehead with the words “Addict” imprinted for everyone to see. In reality, there is nothing about outward appearance that would suggest their recovery status.

Disclosure considerations

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether persons in recovery should reveal their drug use history to potential employers. Because prior drug use is not easily detectable, it is essential that both advantages and disadvantages be thoroughly considered when beginning a job search.

Many persons in recovery prefer not to reveal their drug history and disclosure can actually be problematic for both the employer and job seeker in light of possible legal consequences centering on discrimination, as well as possible stigmatisation within workplace.

It is important for persons in recovery to review the benefits of disclosure with vocational counselors in terms of fitting in with the team and job retention (i.e., identifying possible triggers for relapse).  For example, a job seeker may need to focus on those jobs that offer flexible work hours or that involve routine and low-stress responsibilities. Alternatively, disclosure is a good idea if the candidate things s/he will need to phone a counselor for support during especially challenging situations.   Also a consideration is at what point during the hiring process, the candidate should disclose their drug history and deciding who needs to know. During initial phone screens, it may not be necessary to disclose prior drug use since this interview is typically exploratory in nature. However, disclosure is appropriate if invited into the office for an in-persons meeting with the hiring manager (and potential supervisor).

Developing a vocational plan

In many cases the person in recovery will be working with a vocational counselor to develop and individualised vocational plan based on needs, interests, abilities, and career goals.  Vocational planning should be flexible in nature and reassessed in light of the results of skills and interest inventories. Other measures that go into the mix include prior work or volunteer experience, as well as any barrier to employment (housing, child care, co-occurring medical conditions, specific triggers, etc.) It is also important to make full use of the person’s existing network so they may offer support  in the realisation of vocational goals.

Flexibility is also important when engaging in a search. It may take longer for a person in recovery to obtain employment due to ‘slips”(as opposed to full blown relapse) or such self-sabotaging behaviour as missed interview, showing up late to interviews, or even turning down job offers (such self-sabotaging behaviours are usually the result of unexpressed fears and insecurities). Vocational counselors need to develop trust-based relationships with clients so that s/he is comfortable discussing all barriers to job search.

An effective individualised vocational plan will include a discussion of the following:

  • Avoiding work situations that may set triggers for relapse (stress, late nights, working where alcohol is served, etc.)
  • An evaluation of the pros and cons of high-paying jobs frequently associated with drug or alcohol use, such as construction or brokerage.
  • The job seeker’s pattern of past drug or alcohol use. For example, if the person used drugs primarily during the evening hours, it is probably better to identify employment opportunities that offer a morning or afternoon schedule.
  • Providing the job seeker with essential linkages to community services for housing, along with counseling in the area of financial management.
  • Encouraging the job seeker to explore employment with companies that test for substance use as a condition of employment.

Many employers now regularly utilise drug testing during the hiring process and also monitor employee drug use with intermittent (and unannounced) testing.  Identifying drug use enables both employers and treatment counselors to proactively address the situation before it leads to poor job performance and eventual dismissal. CMM Technology offers some of the best drug and alcohol testing equipment on the market today such as Lion breathalyser and Oraline drug tests. We have experts available to answer your questions and order testing equipment. We invite you to contact us today at (+61) 1300 79 70 30 to learn more about how your program may monitor drug use among employees.


Becker D.R, Drake R.E and Naughton W.J 2005, Supported employment for people with co-occurring disorders, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, vol.28, no.4, pp.332-336. N.p, n.d.

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Discernment in Customer Satisfaction

Drug Test, Drug & Alcohol Test, Alcohol TestSteve Blank, author of The Four Steps to the Epiphany, describes an incident in poor product development in a Huffington Post article. He talks about how many people who are starting up a company distribute their customer surveys and interview people on the street, but fail to use discernment. Not everyone wants the same thing, and not everyone is your target client. First you must know what type of customer you want to have, and then design the products and pricing for that set of people. In addition to this, you must possess discernment about which customer’s ideas’ to listen to and which are not effective in your business plan. Simply interviewing a random selection of people and designing your product so that it pleases everyone will result in short-term success and then a sudden fallout.

Steve Blank describes how you need to understand which people to listen to, and what you should be listening to from them. Not everyone has the best idea or knows what they want, and this type of internal skepticism can save you a great deal of money and prototypes down the line. You must learn to think skeptically and take all opinions with a grain of salt.

Blank also talks about learning why you listen to some customers and not others. It is great to know what to do and which answers are most likely to help you out in your customer development strategy, but you won’t learn the game until you learn why all of this is true.

Smart business development is not just about having all of the answers. It is about recognizing answers when they come to you. You do not need to do all of the work. You simply need to recognize willing laborers when you meet them. Discernment is a difficult enough process without bringing in outside factors like alcoholism and drug addiction. These will cloud your judgment even further. Thankfully, a good strong employee drug and alcohol testing program will help you in this. It will enable you to keep your employees clear headed and discerning all day long. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Living with an Alcoholic

Chain Of Custody, Pre Screening, Saliva Drug Test, Employee Drug TestingIf you have a roommate or family member who is an alcoholic, then you are probably aware of some of the side effects of living with an alcoholic. For those of you who have never lived with one, it may be advisable to think twice before moving in, because it may not be quite what you expect:

Alcoholics live very messy lives. While there are some people who are clean freaks and germaphobes, these are exceptions to the rule regarding the living quarters of your typical drunk. Part of the sickness of alcoholism is that it creates stress when it comes to doing things you know you “should” do.

Alcoholics tend to forget about feelings that they have hurt. If someone has been an alcoholic for a long period of time, they may be in the habit of forgetting the pain they have caused, because they do not wish to deal with guilt. So, even if they are perfectly willing to take responsibility for certain things, they simply may not remember that they have hurt you.

Alcoholics like to live in their own little world. Drunks like to control their surroundings, because it gives them a sense of personal power. Other people disrupt this setting, so it is a good idea to let them have their personal space and do what they wish with it. Trying to become welcome in their private areas of the house may not be possible or even desirable.

Alcoholics can be lopsided in their reasoning. If you live with an alcoholic, you will come to find that they are quite particular about some things, but very lenient in others, even though the two things may be quite similar. This is due to the warped perception that alcoholism brings with it, and you may have to handle some very tricky reasoning on their part.

Alcoholics often blame others for their own responsibilities. When someone does something wrong, they often apologize and move on. However, many alcoholics blame themselves so harshly for what they have done to themselves or to others, that they then must transfer some of this blame to another.

Alcoholics can become physically or verbally abusive. Over time, if left unchecked, some alcoholics can become physically abusive or violent, or verbally abusive and sometimes quite loud. Remember that these are not acceptable living conditions. It is not respectful to yourself or to them to “get used to” that. That would be a good time to pack up and move in with a non-alcoholic.

Fortunately, jobsites do not require one to live with alcoholics, and workplace drug and alcohol testing eliminates the possibility that they can continue unreasonable behavior should they act up on the job. Call CMM Technology today to find out more about employee drug and alcohol testing in Western Australia: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Common Excuses for Drinking

Recalibration Service, Drug & Alcohol TestWhen dealing with an employee who is abusing alcohol, it helps to know why they are drinking, or at least they believe they are drinking. Obviously, if they are abusing alcohol, they are using this as a coping mechanism and are unable or do not choose to find solutions in reality. However, there are some common excuses that many people use to excuse their alcoholic behavior and may be indicative signs of abuse:

“I’m lonely.”

Whether they have just broken up with a romantic partner, or they believe themselves incapable of finding a romantic partner, many people use loneliness as an excuse to continue drinking after they recover from their initial setback.

“I have an abusive past.”

This one can be particularly common in poor cultures or socio-economic statuses, where basic survival became too much for certain family members and they took it out on those who were weaker. There are, however, many different levels of abuse, and sometimes this is overused in order to justify actual laziness.

“I’m having problems with family.”

This one is perhaps the most relevant excuse, and it is also the least “special” case. Everyone has problems of one type of another with family. However, family or spousal issues are indeed the most likely to affect one’s emotional status or workplace behavior.

“I’m hard on my luck.”

Whether they are having temporary problems in their lives, or they keep themselves in perpetual hard through gambling, unwise financial decisions, or perhaps an abrasive personality, it is up to each individual to take responsibility for their own actions or lack thereof and learn to pull themselves back into a positive place. Whatever their situation, alcohol abuse will not help them to become steadier or more reliable to themselves, much less your company.

“I have low self esteem.”

While this may be true, low self esteem is only made worse through alcohol abuse, not better. The mind begins questioning basic decisions and preying upon itself in a cycle which thwarts any remaining self esteem the person may still possess.

CMM Technology offers high quality drug tests and alcohol breathalyser tests for your workplace or home, no matter what the excuse for abusive behavior might be. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Landmark Fair Work decision supports drug and alcohol testing

Workplace Drug Test, Employee Drug TestingThe role of drug and alcohol testing has been strengthened by a landmark Fair Work Australia decision. A dispute over proposed testing of workers subcontracted to a major highway construction projectcast scrutiny over the rights of employers to conduct workplace drug tests.

Fair Work Australia has found that drug and alcohol testing in Australian workplaces is legal, even if it has not been spelled out in employment contracts.

The Full Bench of FWA found against a union-led case to prevent workplace drug testing at a civil construction project.

The decision was handed down on October 7, 2011 and strengthens the legal rights of an employer to insist on employee drug testing as part of OHS and duty-of-care requirements.

The case

Wagstaff Piling Pty Ltd; Thiess Ptd Ltd v Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union 2011 FWAFB 2892.

Major Australian construction, mining and services company Thiess required its employees and subcontractors to submit to random drug and alcohol tests under its comprehensive Fitness for Work policy.

When Thiess engaged engineering firm Wagstaff Piling as a subcontractor, it told its workers they would be required to undergo screening tests.

In May 2011 the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) told Thiess management that Wagstaff Piling employees were not expressly covered by the policy and would not submit to any on-site drug testing.

The dispute went before the Victorian Building Industry Panel, with 13 subcontractors arguing the drug and alcohol testing was in breach of relevant enterprise agreements. The main argument was there was no express reference made to drug and alcohol testing.

The Panel recommended alcohol and drug testing on the construction project cease. The case was then brought before Fair Work Australia which also found that drug and alcohol testing should not legally continue.

The appeal

An appeal was made to FWA on the grounds that workplace drug tests were required to meet OHS and welfare requirements. Wagstaff Piling argued that while drug and alcohol testing was not expressly permitted under the Victorian Building Industry Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, neither was it prohibited.

The Full Bench found in favour of Wagstaff on the grounds that the lack of clear inclusion in industry policy and enterprise agreements did not lead to “a conclusion that… such testing is not permissible”.

Powerful precedent

The Full Bench decision sets a significant precedent, clearly acknowledging that mandatory drug and alcohol testing is a lawful and reasonable requirement even when not expressly contained in enterprise agreements.

Stricter OHS laws are arguably the impetus behindincreased employee drug testing, with the benefits outweighing the cost of drug testing.

Leading Western Australia-based alcohol, drug testing equipment supplier CMM Technology provides effective and non-intrusive testing solutions. For more information contact 1300 797030 or visit


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Turning A Blind Eye

Recalibration Service, Drug Testing In Western AustraliaThis article is about employee preferential treatment, and whether or not it is correct or advisable behavior on the jobsite. On the one hand, treating top trusted employees with greater confidence and giving them more responsibility is valuable in instilling motivation and a sense of higher quality work in your employees. On the other hand, this can be seen as discrimination or unjustly preferential treatment from the point of view of employees who are not “preferred.” Turning a blind eye to preferential treatment could be seen either as a form of corruption or as a form of free market capitalism, where every individual is judged by their specific performance. After all, how does one institute raises or promotions without paying attention to who your best employees are?

It can be difficult to navigate these waters in a way that holds the best interest for both your business and for your non-promoted employees. You still want your company to grow, but you also still want to be fair and treat everyone according to their needs and talents. An article by Carolina Gomez and Benson Rosen describes the nature of employer-employee trust and relationship building. Employees who trust their managers and executives more tend to feel more job satisfaction and pride in their own work. This trust builds feelings of self competency, which in turn affect greater quality and higher productivity. When managers also feel this trust, employees experience a great sense of empowerment, which spurs their creativity and loyalty to their jobs. Employee empowerment is also responsible for building a greater sense of control over their lives and over their workload, which in turn leads back to intense and continuous job satisfaction.

Clearly, this mutual trust is important between managers and lower level staff members. Without it, creating loyalty is a struggle and may not occur at all. Fortunately, drug and alcohol testing enables managers to see the viability of their subordinates, and it allows subordinates to prove their efficacy to their managers. While workplace drug testing is not the whole picture, it is definitely a crucial part of building this two-way trust. Contact CMM Technology today for more information about employee drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Employee Healthcare

Drug Testing In Western Australia, Employee Drug TestingAfter sickness is gone, it is a good idea to understand why patients can become chronic users of pain medication, even after the pain has gone away. Pharmaceutical drugs which contain opioids are often used for pain management, with or without the appropriate recommendation from a doctor. Employee healthcare, while important, does offer a means by which employees can achieve less than desirable ends. This is why drug and alcohol testing companies are developing state-of-the-art drug testing equipment to detect misuse of illegal drugs and to improve detection of legal drug abuse. Fortunately, legal pain medications contain similar if not identical endorphin triggers to illegal drugs, so this technology is being improved upon all the time. Also, having a documented account of the patient’s history of prescribed pain medication can help with identifying misuse. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is a necessary and vital part of keeping your employees and your business operations healthy.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine documents and reviews ways in which healthcare providers are attempting to stop or dissuade non-cancer patients from abusing their pain medication. Their initial theory was perhaps to get the patient to agree to a pain treatment program which would take care of their needs but which would also not allow any abuse of these drugs to take place. It turns out that patients would sometimes agree to these treatment plans and subsequent urine drug testing, but that they were only slightly more inclined to resist drug addiction, drug misuse or aberrant drug-related behavior than they were before. The study indicated that patients were simply not likely to change their behavior, even after agreeing to a pain treatment program and to following drug tests to determine how well they followed this plan. It turns out that human nature cannot be contained within the medical field any more than it can be contained on the jobsite.

To protect your business assets and implement a drug and alcohol testing program, contact CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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