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Simplicity and Power

Who is the most powerful person you know? How exactly do they maintain their power? Does it have anything to do with their abilities and breath testing productstalents, or is it more a matter of what they are willing to do to simplify a complex problem into a simple one? Simplicity and power go hand in hand, and they are both a part of a well balanced person who understands who they are and what they want out of life.

Simplicity is not the same thing as naiveté, nor is it the same thing as simple minded. Rather simplicity results from the ability to control your own mind from becoming too complex too soon when thinking over different matters. Power and responsibility are similar things, but power and simplicity use similar techniques to sustain themselves.

When we, as humans, make and break relationships with each other, we come to understand just how complex life can get. But, when we simplify our relationships down to give and take, nurture and receive, as well as maintaining our own identities, we become more powerful than we first realized we could be.

The same thing applies to business.

When people in business have a strong understanding of the simple business process overlaying throughout the company, they can then correctly focus on their little bit of the company structure and they can focus on the details regarding that. However, when even the lowliest of employees are not aware or informed enough to understand how the company operates as a whole, then their attempts to be successful can have more destructive capacities than productive ones. Therefore, it is important to know what type of business in which you are working, and what the overall structure of the business is and what the functions are of the key players in the company.

By the same token, it is good to know about any employees who are not measuring up to your business standards, at least as far as company policy goes. If your any of your employees are abusing drugs or alcohol while at work, then you must know about it. CMM Technology brings our drug test equipment and our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services to the Australian business marketplace. See what we can offer you, in terms of both simplicity and power: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Greatest Gold: Human Connection

lifeloc breathalysersHuman connection is so undervalued that it is often overlooked, even in the job selection process. There are certain industries, however, which are oriented directly toward this human connection, and so they understand why skills in this area are vital in the job selection process. The hospitality industry and the travel industry are two examples of areas where people skills count a lot more than technical skills. Humans are delicate creatures at their very core, and they require tender loving care on a pretty regular basis. If your workers can identify this need and align themselves with it, then your business will soar. If however your employees don’t fulfill these requirements, they can seriously damage the reputation that your business has for customer care and quality control. Good news and bad news both spread by word of mouth, and bad news has a propensity for traveling a little bit faster. You need your customers to feel good about your company, not feel threatened by it.

Drug testing is part of the quality control process in any current business. It’s part of how you protect your assets, your employees, and your business reputation from inside influence by workers who have strayed from their professional roles. We say “strayed” because often drug abuse or alcoholism begins this way. Substance abuse is quite insidious, and it drags us down before we know what is happening. It is important to recognize how vulnerable people can be to this process before you judge them too harshly. You cannot help them, no, but you can understand how easily they have slipped down into this particular rut.

Human connection counts.

Protect your greatest gold. Implement drug testing. Implement employee drug testing on a regular basis. Help your business be clean of people who do not respect it or want to be a part of its success. Find out who is fit for duty and who is not. Be proactive.

When you are looking for drug test equipment, visit our website here at CMM Technology. We have a wide supply of products for your screening test needs. Give us a call today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Judge Not

Of course, we have all heard, “Judge not, let ye be judged.” That doesn’t really stop any of us from judging anyone and everyone with whom weWorkplace Drug Test come in contact on a regular daily basis. We all have a definition of how and why other people should do things differently, and we are all so sure of our judgments of other people that we cannot begin to see where the judgment leaves off and the truth begins.

In business, any employees who still mildly protest the use of drug test equipment and alcohol tests may find that the process reminds them of being judged. They feel as if they are being tested on something which they should be trusted on. Of course, you know better. You know better than to think that people should be trusted based upon the honor system alone, especially when you employee over sixteen people in your office. There is a line which may easily be crossed with people who are abusing substances, and you may never really know when or how that dishonor is occurring.

We recommend our Rapid STAT saliva drug test, and the truth is that most people find it easier to use saliva drug tests than urine drug tests. It has to do with the perception of how much privacy is being violated by having to be tested in the bathroom. This is, of course, only a perception of the process, but generally people find it more acceptable to implement and take saliva drug tests than it is to take urine drug tests.

While it may seem like a “Judge not” situation for some of your employees, you have to, in some ways, execute this judgment because you are, after all, the judge of your company. You have to protect your workers by understanding, judging, and passing decisions upon your whole business. This is the responsibility of a good leader, especially if done well. CMM Technology brings you all of the equipment which is necessary to bring about this decision making process, and we are proud to be a part of your success. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Keeping Your Peace Until You Know All

Keeping Your Peace Until You Know AllWhen it comes to understanding why people do what they do, we generally leave these analyses to the psychiatric and philosophic professions. However, when it comes to determining why we ourselves do what we do, we don’t like anyone to analyze us but us. We like our opinions about ourselves and will often hold onto them through thick and thin. In fact, these opinions are part of our personalities, our natures, how fast we grow, and what we become once we have reached certain goals. Our opinions of ourselves are invaluable when it comes to how we relate to other people.

We choose how others see us. We choose how we see other people. When we try to become close to someone, we have to redefine our parameters concerning that person, and we have to do it in a way that corresponds with our opinions of ourselves.

Sometimes, we choose to make assumptions based upon these opinions of ourselves. Sometimes, we don’t keep the peace. Wait. Wait until you know all of the picture until you judge. Keep your peace until you know all.

These days, you can’t be too careful. Your employees are affected by the people around them. Onsite drug testing is meant to help you facilitate communication between your employees, not because it can do this directly, but because it informs you of substance abusers which disrupt the flow of business, not to even mention the communication between likeminded employees.

It is generally best to protect what you know until you get a full picture of any situation. This is especially true with drug testing. That is why all employee files are meant to be kept confidential. Breathalyser recalibration service, drug test kits, and alcohol tests are all a part the drug testing process, but they just deliver the information. You put the data to use, and this is where confidentiality comes in. If you take things with a grain of salt, then you know to speak less and listen more, request additional testing if you think it may be required rather than jumping the gun. There are many ways of maintaining diplomacy in a business environment. Let CMM Technology help you with that: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Here Today, Vanished Tomorrow

Here Today, Vanished TomorrowThe sample of drug addicted people who have visited counselor’s offices and receive treatment is but a small number of the total number of people who suffer from this. The problem with being an addict is similar to keeping still on a mud slide. You may dig your fingers and toes into the slide, you may try with all of your might to gain traction, but the whole time you are quickly and decidedly oozing down the slide, whether you want to or not.

For non-addicts, it is very easy to gain traction on their lives. They are able to look at the situation, determine where it would be best to dig in their heels, and then do so, with force and assertion.

To live as an addict does, all the resources, all the savings, and all of the abilities to take control of their lives are used up every day, sometimes every hour. They cannot hold onto things, because they do not know how to protect what they value or how to let go of what they dislike. Everything seems backward in their world than it is in the worlds of non-addicts…and this is true.

Many people seek to control their companies by enforcing employee drug testing, but the truth is that you can only control the business operations themselves. You cannot control the people working in your company. Employee drug testing is meant to be an evaluative procedure, not some sort of enforcement. Screening tests cannot prevent your workers from abusing substances. They can only tell you if anyone is doing so.

At CMM Technology, we know how difficult it is to juggle different personalities and different goals among your subordinates. We know how often the whole process seems out of control. That is why we distribute drug test equipment and alcohol tests to businesses all over Australia. As a NATA accredited company, CMM Technology is here to help you with your drug test equipment needs. We provide oral fluid drug tests, like our Rapid STAT saliva drug test, as well as breathalyser devices and even a recalibration service. Our professionalism makes sure that your employees are not here today, gone tomorrow: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Diseases of Prediction

Diseases of PredictionWhen you look at the diseases which are common to drug abusers, there are some names which almost always spring to your mind. AIDS, Herpes, HIV, and the Staph Infection are all examples of diseases which are readily associated with drug abuse.

Why is this the case?

The answer lies in how drug addicts transfer these diseases to one another. In another article, we discussed diseases and promiscuity, and the subject arose that many drug addicts are so desirous of their “fix” that they will do anything in order to get their drugs, even sell themselves on the street. This means that people who are not careful about their sexual activities are most likely to get diseases which are deadly or permanent. This lack of social awareness and lack of proper checking up on their partner leads to serious consequences.

AIDS and HIV are related and they often kill the person, either quickly and young, or slowly over time and painfully. This means that being loose with your body can really cost you in the end.

The same thing applies with your mind and emotions.

When drug addicts contract diseases which are predictable among drug abusing communities, the added stress of the sickness can lead to further drug abuse. HIV can easily be contracted by sharing needles when injecting drugs into their system. There are so many ways in which the filth and grime of the streets can get inside the world of a true drug addict and permeate their air and their clothing with sickness and disease.

While you may not be able to check all of your employees for contagious diseases before hiring them, you can at least help to control the problem by implementing very legal company policies to enforce employee drug testing while on the worksite. This is really helpful in the situations where you are not sure about a particular employee, but you are worried about singling someone out or discriminating against someone just based upon your suspicions.

Don’t be in the dark.

Order urine drug tests and other types of screening tests from CMM Technology. Try out our Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser device. Get back in control of your business: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Drug Seeking Behaviours

Drug Seeking BehavioursIt is difficult not to open this discussion with the words, “What next?” So many people seem to prefer taking drugs in an attempt to solve their problems. A recent article described an American engineer who promotes exercise, diet and taking a particular drug he has dubbed the “smart drug.” The drug was called this dubious name because he claims it helps healthy people increase their intelligence and mental clarity. The Australian Medical Association prescribes it to treat sleep apnoea, narcolepsy and attention deficit disorder.

Though the engineer claims it is not addictive, he also gave it up for 3 months and preferred to once again begin taking it. Is he addicted? That is a reasonable question. The drug manufacturer says the prescription drug is intended for sleep disorders, shift work sleep disorder and narcolepsy. It also works by blocking dopamine transporters, just like the addictive drugs methamphetamine and cocaine, increasing the amount of dopamine in the brain.1 That is why the drug makes the engineer feel more alert. Why do some people seem to prefer taking drugs to deal with physical, mental and emotional issues? The engineer follows a healthy lifestyle and still chooses to take a prescription drug. Why?

Crossing the Line of Addiction

Employers grapple with this issue on a daily basis, even if the issue is not couched in these precise terms. In the words of the employer: Why do some workers pursue drug seeking behaviours, while others try to avoid using any drugs unless absolutely necessary? In the engineer’s case, he chooses to take a drug because he believes it boosts his mental capacity. Of course, it is only speculation as to what he must be telling his doctor.

Health professionals prescribing drugs are taught to be alert to people exhibiting drug-seeking behaviours. By definition, the behaviour is described as seeking prescription drugs based on falsely reported symptoms or requesting drugs for the purpose of maintaining dependence.2 The term “drug seeking” has been used in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States for over 25 years, but the difficulty is identifying when behaviour becomes unacceptable. Some people really do need prescription drugs containing opioids, benzodiazepines and amphetamines to treat medical conditions. Some people develop a chemical dependence during recovery and continue to seek the drugs long after they are well. In some cases, people get addicted to illicit drugs and then try to fake medical problems so they can legally obtain the drugs for personal use or to sell on the streets to get money for drugs.3

Employers do not have the luxury of deciding if someone has a legitimate medical purpose for taking drugs. However, the employer can observe certain behaviours that might indicate a worker is addicted. In other words, there are workplace drug seeking behaviours. People truly addicted to drugs exhibit uncontrollable, compulsive behaviours, and yet those behaviours may surprise employers by their normalcy. For example, employees may experience increased absenteeism or suddenly disappear from the workplace without notice and with regularity. Unexplained and unusual work mistakes, unnecessary risk taking, and aberrant actions that risk safety of the workers and his/her co-workers may indicate substance abuse or a craving for drugs.

When workers who have typically had a nice appearance begin to deteriorate in terms of personal appearance or give ill-defined medical problems as an excuse for odd behaviour, the changes may indicate addiction. Addiction equates to drug seeking behaviours. If someone is addicted, the person will need drugs to maintain or restore the ‘high’ that drives the behaviour.

Observation Plus Testing

The drug and alcohol random and for-cause testing program gives employers the tools needed to detect workers abusing drugs and alcohol. For-cause testing represents a combination of employers observing behaviours indicating substance use and drug and alcohol testing that proves one way or the other whether a worker is under the influence. It is unfortunate, but healthy workers choose to use illicit substances, prescription drugs, and alcohol for personal reasons.

CMM Technology ( has a complete product assortment of drug and alcohol tests that include saliva, urine and breathalyser technology. The resources are engineered for accuracy and reliability, two important qualities in every random drug and alcohol testing program.


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Cleanliness and Smoothness

Cleanliness and SmoothnessSmoothness in work is engaging your team in a set of tasks which is designed to breed better skill sets and better cooperation between your workers. There is so much to being a good leader, because you have to understand your team members and their unique attributes, and you have to appreciate their individual qualities and why you want to love and protect them in their working careers. There is a true honor to being a leader of such a group. There is a true dignity to being able to bring out the best in people.

It means that you have brought your best out in their presence.

Cleanliness on the worksite is not just about using soap and water on your hands after you visit the restroom. It is about keep your language clean, keeping your clothing neat and orderly, your demeanor professional, and your minds in a business like organization. Cleanliness and smoothness combined on the jobsite can really make a bit impact on your clients and on your professional reputation as a whole.

The one thing that can really screw all of the above up is when one of your employees shows up to work high or drunk. This means that they lack the respect and the commitment it takes to keep up with the workload and the challenges facing them on the working horizon. They lack the vision it takes to carry your company to the next level of its development. That is where drug testing and alcohol tests really come in handy.

Drug test equipment which delivers real results can be found at CMM Technology. Our drug test kits are high quality and give accuracy above and beyond the kits of our competitors. Breathalyser recalibration service is also provided. Whatever alcohol test you use to test if your workers are fit for duty, you can get your devices recalibrated with us.

We are pretty good at bringing an extra level of cleanliness and smoothness to your jobsite. That is, after all, what we do. We bring a certain orderliness to your business through the use of our products. Call CMM Technology. We’d love to hear from you: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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High School and the Mini Civilization

BreathalyserHigh school is necessary for many people to leave their childhood behind and to learn why they must interact with civilization out in the real world. In this close, somewhat protected environment of new adults, they create their own mini civilization and carry out important duties which they will be using out in the real world.

There is “keeping up with the Jones’.” There is student government. There are debates and well thought out arguments. There are competitions, both sporting and academic. There are business transactions, both legitimate bake sale ones and illegitimate drug deals.

Coming into high school from earlier schools and combining everything into this instantaneous universe, many kids feel isolated, cut off from the rest, in over their heads, and thoroughly overwhelmed. That is, by everything except the stoners. The druggies always make you feel welcome and at home with yourself. They always put a positive spin on things because they are high a great deal of the time they are in class.

Of course, no kid wants to choose to “zone out,” but the temptation is high when their stress levels and pressures from school and home are through the roof. Not every kid can handle the same thing at the same time.

When compared to nothing BUT pressure, taking the edge off really does not seem that bad. Employee drug testing is necessary today, because the transition can be this clean. The knife can go in this smoothly.

Drug test equipment is not part of a vast scheme to “take away all the fun.” It’s part of a vast scheme to have living breathing humans in your office and on your jobsite, rather than mindless, unproductive zombies. That is a rare thing to find if you look at the majority of your lower level employees. If they are not ambitious college graduates, they may not be as clear on what their direction should be in life or at work. Oral fluid drug tests and urine drug tests can reveal that this confusion is not just skin deep. They are still swimming in an ocean of gray, where everything is conveniently the same.

Join reality, and see just how different things can be. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Happily Ever After

In the fairy tale world, there are so many things that seem beyond our touch. Sometimes, our relationships Happily Ever Afterwith other humans seem to be so mottled that even the “happily ever after” in the fairy tale universe seems to be out of our reach, too.

This is not the case, however. There are so many things which humans test each other on. They fall apart and come together in a wide variety of scenarios. The entire process is called interacting with other humans, but really it seems to be a kind of 17th Century dance, if you think about it.

Happily ever after can be achieved in this lifetime, and seems more possible if you look at it as this kind of dance which temporarily breaks humans apart and brings them back together. The movement of the bodies in these old dance steps really shows the flow of maturity and human intelligence in the society of Old England and the former days of France.

Human interactions must continue in the modern day office and jobsite. As with all interactions, there are temporary spats, breaking apart, coming together, and reorganizing of everyone involved.

The trick is to stabilize the workplace environment as much as possible, and that means leaving out employees who bring an undue amount of drama with them, particularly those who are dependent upon drugs or alcohol. Their influence is too far reaching and too destructive to be ignored. That is why CMM Technology is called upon to distribute drug test kits and alcohol breathalysers to businesses all over Australia. We aim to help you determine who among your staff is fit for duty, and who is not. Things like oral fluid drug tests, as well as urine drug tests, are aimed at helping you read your employees on a less personal, but more accurate, level. If anyone is abusing substances, the drug test equipment from CMM Technology will help you find out about it. Then, you can deal with this information however you see fit.

The most important thing to remember about this is that you are in control. Truly, a happily ever after scenario: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Habitual and Learned Growth

Drug test equipmentHabitual and learned growth occurs most often out of necessity. An individual absolutely must get something done in order to survive or in order to meet a necessary goal. Therefore, they grow out of necessity. Their habits are forced upon them. They must have certain restrictions and follow them. They must do well in their goals.

Habits are often formed by doing something twenty one or forty days in a row. They are also formed by living with someone who has those habits already. It is truly a great thing and very convenient to live with someone who already has habits which you want to acquire, but it is just as destructive to live with someone who has bad habits which you want to avoid. There is always a mix of the energies of two people living together, as much as they might wish otherwise, and this can cause a lot of friction, not to mention a lot of dilution of concentrated individuality.

At CMM Technology, we desire to help your business retain as much of its original, undiluted spirit as possible, but it can be diluted through low quality employees who do not understand nor wish to experience the vibrancy and purpose of your company. Onsite drug testing, using high quality drug test kits and personal breathalyser devices, can help your business by giving you data, or information if you will, on all of your employees. This means that you would have complete drug and alcohol results on every single one of your workers, and that would enable you to more fully determine your next course of action.

After all, habitual and learned growth is only kept up by regularly weeding the garden and trimming the overgrowth. A business which is truly kept in line must be cultivated through the use of various tools, such as drug test equipment and our breathalyser recalibration service. Our saliva drug tests are popular, particularly our ToxSure saliva drug test. We recommend to you to browse our website and look at the tools which would be most useful for your own business. If you have any questions at all or if you wish to place an order, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Employee Drug Testing and Giving Space

Giving space is something that only a few people know how to do very well. When you breathalyser calibration services in australiahave a forceful personality, like the author of this article, it is easy to simply get your way and move the forces of the company through nothing but your own personality.

Giving space to employees who need it is an art form, since some of them thrive on pressure and some of them thrive on creative license. Sometimes, it is about external and internal motivations. You cannot know how each individual employee will react to what you do, and it is very important to give space when space needs to be given.

It can free up a worker’s mind so that they get the job done three times as fast.

When such is not the case, they can feel cramped, bitterness or resentment, while the work is not getting done as fast as it could be, and while their freedom of movement and spirit are not being accommodated. After all, if you are in the flow of things at a job where you excel, you do not need such things as constant supervision or someone micro managing what you are doing.

The balance occurs when you realize what and how your subordinates are thinking, and you are able to match their concentration and understand their process of working. If you understand your worker, then you are far more likely to give them the room they need to go through their sometimes slow, sometimes methodical, but always thorough process.

CMM Technology helps you prepare your employees to be fit for duty. Employee drug testing is meant to weed out anyone who may be bringing down the productivity, morale, or safety protocol for any given business. That is why drug testing is even required by law in some industries. It is more important to have a safe workplace than an erratic one. Try our Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser devices, as well as our breathalyser recalibration service for any equipment you may already have and be using. And to learn how you can get drug test kits with built in adulterant tests, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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