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Less Sun

During the winter, autumn, and early spring months, when sunlight is less available, people often become more depressed. Sunlight delivers Drug test equipmenthigh amounts of Vitamin D, but it also delivers many different vitamins which contribute vastly to serotonin and dopamine production in the brain. If you find that your workers seem more down in the harsher months of winter, remember that they may just be getting less light.

Less sun does not only affect the brain, it affects the body, as well. People tend to feel better when they are in the sun, because of the all of the beneficial things occurring in their bodies and brains. When they get used to this feeling and then it is taken away, it can be more stressful than any of realize. Sunshine does a lot more than fade the colors in our children’s outdoor play sets over time.

It has a nice, drug-like effect upon our entire body and brain chemistry.

The depression in your employees during the cold, darker winter months can easily be caused by less sun. This can make illicit substance abuse in the workplace a little more likely to happen. Therefore, when you planning your drug testing schedule, remember to think of the winter months as a time of a bit more suffering and a bit lower tolerance for daily stresses which occur. Perhaps schedule employee drug testing more frequently to address these concerns, or less frequently to give your employees a bit of a break during the cold season. It is entirely up to you, but we recommend more frequently, because it helps your business to stay in strong working condition during times of less sun.

Therefore, if you are looking to complete your plans in this area, consider CMM Technology’s NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration service. If you try that out and like it, then maybe you’d like to purchase some of our own alcohol tests or maybe even some drug test kits. Our drug test equipment is great if you regularly use on site drug testing. Make sure your workers are fit for duty and get high quality equipment at the same time, year round. Call CMM Technology for this today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Brilliance of Diamonds

Urine Drug TestDiamonds bring a strong shine and sparkling effect, a rainbow reflection effect, to any place or anybody’s person. The brilliance of diamonds is unsurpassable. In fact, if you have ever owned a well-cut diamond, then you know the benefit of having one around. Also, they are hard to lose, because their light reflecting qualities are so spectacular.

So, why are some things called hard as diamond? It is because diamonds are so hard and so dense that they can cut through glass like a knife through butter. Well, glass is hard and diamonds are hard. Surely, the cut would not be hardly noticeable, if anything more than a scratch. However, this is not the case. Because diamonds are so much denser and more compactly arranged on the atomic level than glass, it is easy for the cut diamond to separate the loosely bound together atoms of the pane of glass. It is very easy for diamonds, on a chemical or molecular level, to do this.

This is the difference between workers or employees of yours who resist something as simple and basic as drug abuse or alcoholism, and those of your workers who are unable to resist these hard temptations. The people who are stronger, who are the diamonds, are those who have grown a certain amount of emotional strength within themselves. However, if you engage in any kind of substance abuse, your become very dependent upon it, and can be easily sliced through, like glass by diamond, when and if anyone says even the most remotely upsetting thing.

Do you want to be that weak? Do you want your employees to be that weak? A workplace environment should be made up of people who work equally to contribute to the good of the company. It should not be made up of people who are all heavily dependent upon things outside of their jobs, incomes, and working relationships. You see, those are the kinds of people who find it more difficult to stay loyal or to be strong in the face of business adversity.

CMM Technology, a drug test equipment distributor, can fix you up with as many screening tests and recalibration services as you can possible use. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Repression and Drinking

If you spend all of your time drinking, then you don’t have a lot of time to actually spend living. Yes, we are temporarily moving away from theRepression and Drinking subject of low emotional intelligence and talking about productive use of time. If you spend your time doing things which you then have to hide, you acquire an aptitude for covering them up afterward, or repressing them within yourself.

There is a reason why people condemn more than simply “bearing false witness.” We condemn lying, because lying to other people is one thing, but lying to ourselves is another problem entirely. When you repress something, you are lying to yourself or subverting the truth to yourself (some people consider those two to be the same thing), and this leads to internal strain, pressure, heartache and, if not dealt with on time, actual physical manifestation of your pain.

Repression is a way to slowly, but surely, kill your spirit, kill your soul, and kill your inner drive and primal wildness. And alcohol has a great deal to do with repression. Occasionally, you will find a drunk who is happy admitting they are a drunk, both when they are sober and when they are intoxicated. But almost all of the time, you will encounter people who seek to cover up either their alcoholism or other things which originate from their drinking behavior.

When an employee brings this behavior to the workplace, they are tainting the working environment with their sick mindset. When they abuse alcohol on the jobsite itself, they are staining the workplace and the people therein with the danger and the lack of responsibility with which they have surrounded themselves.

In the workplace environment, it is really important to know if this is going on. You must determine if any of your workers are bringing their alcoholic disease with them to work, if they have such a problem. CMM Technology can help you out with this. Our products include high quality alcohol breathalyser devices and drug test kits like our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 kit. We even have breathalyser recalibration which is NATA accredited.

Don’t let total repression burst forth in your business, because someone was keeping themselves in an unnatural state, both emotionally and physically. Make sure you are aware of any substance abuse occurring in your worksite. Call CMM Technology today for this: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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CMM Technology and the Art of the Screening Test

drug testingHere at CMM Technology, we know that you are in a position of responsibility when you take care of your employees and their health. After all, as owner or manager of your business, you are responsible for making sure that your workers are safe while on the jobsite. There might even be a lot about it, somewhere. All joking aside, the art of the screening test means that you need to make sure that the drug test equipment you use to evaluate your employees is good quality and highly functional. It means that you need to know what kind of results you are getting when you use our data to evaluate your employees. It should be reliable data, like ours is.

Of course, there are many drug test equipment suppliers in Australia, but none as dedicated to the level of high quality in their equipment as we are in ours. Also, we know that price can be a factor, and so we put a lot of emphasis on the combination of a reasonable price and high quality breathalyser devices and drug test kits, like our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. We know that, when it comes to employee drug testing, you may be also looking for quantity (if you are a large business) as well as quality. We can accommodate that, as well. In addition to that, we also provide a high quality recalibration service for your current or future breathalyser devices.

Now, if you are looking to implement screening tests in your business, then remember that not everyone is able to do employee drug testing on a regular basis. However, we are fairly confident on our abilities to make sure you have what you need, when you need it, for a fair price. If you think that this is something that you are looking for, then give CMM Technology a call. We can provide different kinds of equipment and supplies, as well as our aforementioned recalibration service. We know that you want both quality and quantity. Leave it in our hands. We are really good at our jobs: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Expressionless Faces

breathalyser recalibration serviceHave you ever been in a neighborhood which is particularly affected by drug abuse? Have you ever seen what happens to the faces of the residents in these neighborhoods, even to the faces of the children? That’s right. Their expressions are mostly emotionless. It does not mean that these people don’t have emotions. It means that they are unable to correctly handle their own emotions, and so therefore they are looking to create new, blank canvases where they can hide (and therefore perhaps avoid) all emotions which they might be feeling.

It is so important for your workers to at least have some enjoyment at what they do for work. By being productive, they become stronger and more resilient against things which might drive them to drug abuse or alcohol abuse in the first place. This little bit of productive joy in their lives is necessary in order for them to feel at peace with themselves and, therefore, feel at peace with everyone around them.

CMM Technology is one of the drug test equipment suppliers in Australia, and we carry everything from urine drug test to saliva drug test to alcohol tests. We are even NATA accredited for our breathalyser recalibration service. Fortunately, we know that every business may have one or two employees who are affected by drug abuse and that these unfortunate souls may bring their abuse, in the form of substances themselves or high or drunk behavior, to the jobsite. This means that you, the leader of the company, must be able to correctly read and handle each employee as they come into your workplace, and for this you need reliable drug test equipment.

We recommend our Alere DDS2 (with reader) saliva drug test, but we also carry other types of drug test equipment and alcohol tests so that you can take your pick. Also, if you have breathalysers which need calibrated then our recalibration service does just that, even if it is not our equipment. That means that you have a quick way to screen your employees both safely and effectively, with high quality results and accuracy. Remember that expressionless faces may reveal more than they hide. Screen your employees today with CMM Technology’s equipment: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Next to Impossible

Urine Drug Test On-Site“That’s impossible!” “That’s incredible!” “There’s no way that happened!” These exclamations of shock and awe are frequently displayed in a positive sense, referring to some amazing feat, trick, or stunt performed by someone else. The word “incredible” is, in every sense, akin to the word “impossible.”

Drug test equipment is available through CMM Technology, and we have seen businesses amazed by our drug test kits and alcohol breathalyser devices. However, rather than writing about how amazing our products are (at least, not today), we will be discussing what people’s views of “impossible” are.

Sometimes, if a phenomenon cannot be explained by science, it is called a miracle. Miracles happen every day because they defy the logistics of chance and reason, but they happen every day, as defined by what most people call a miracle.

Some people find even ordinary, everyday tasks to be next to impossible, if not impossible themselves. These people are governed by fear, lack of perspective, low emotional intelligence, and so on, until they are unable to deal with even the most basic and ordinary of lives, either personally or professionally. Guess what demographic it is to which we refer? You guessed it! We are referring to people who abuse substances, like drugs and alcohol, and are then unable to cope either at work or at home.

As their employer or manager, you have no control over what they do at home, in the privacy of their personal lives. You do, however, have control over what you do with your employees once they come to work. You have control over what you allow in your own jobsite environment. And, if they are not complying with company policies, you have control over what you do with your employees after they have run out of second chances. It is VERY possible.

CMM Technology provides you with the screening tests and recalibration services which you will need to implement obtaining this information. Employee drug testing has been an institution for so many years, because it works. If you are looking for drug test equipment, then come to CMM Technology. Also, try out our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration service while you’re at it: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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CMM and the New Attitude

Drug Testing EmployeeBreathalyser recalibration services are not unheard of, but they are still not as easily found as you might think. When CMM Technology began using our drug test equipment to make business better able to take on onsite drug testing, then we knew that many other businesses, even ones which do not use our sister company for onsite services, would buy our drug test equipment. We provide alcohol breathalyser devices, oral fluid drug tests, and urine drug tests to businesses all over Australia and to select countries outside of our nation.

In the business marketplace, there are a lot of attitudes about competition, rivalry, professional services, and getting ahead in the game. This is, perhaps, not the best mental attitude to have in these circumstances. The truth is, while healthy competition always provides a better situation for customers, we often find that it is better to just focus on improving ourselves. To compete with another company is to find out what they are using to improve themselves, and this may or may not be a healthy solution for our own business.

There are many ways in which to bring about justice and equality, and though competition does a great deal toward this end, CMM Technology has found this to only sometimes be the solution for the regular day to day tasks that we find ourselves in. You see, by focusing on the growth of your own business, then you are always succeeding, because you are always getting better. However, if you often compare your company with those around you, you will often be discouraged, because they will always be growing in different ways and at different rates than you are.

CMM Technology, when providing our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services,, knows that you are looking for drug test kits and alcohol tests which you can continually order and use without having to search for new suppliers every three months. Our products have lasted a very long time, and more than fulfilled the needs of our clients. We invite you to try them out for yourself. For more information, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Climb Around the Top, Not Over It

Urine Drug Test On-SiteHave you ever watched a documentary or video of someone rock climbing? In these situations, the person is often very muscular and agile, but more importantly, if they have any experience at all, they are going about climbing the mountain in a very intuitive and rational way.

In the beginning, the climber may choose a fairly shallow slope, but they may come across some pretty steep or overhanging rocks pretty soon. On that level, they are a ways above the ground, and they begin really making use of their climbing equipment. In addition to that, they view the side of the mountain as a vertical plane, with which they can absolutely interact with successfully.

They find that are able to do a lot more for the climbing experience if they do not climb outside of their skill level or only a little bit outside of their skill level. As you continue to watch the video, be sure and look at what they are doing against the flat surfaces of the rock. They find finger and toe holds, they find planes which are less dangerous, and they begin to near the top.

Now, when you are nearing the top of a mountain, it is not necessarily a good idea to just try to climb straight up. You may want very badly to do this, but the smart thing may be to resist this urge and instead work your way around the top, in a corkscrew manner, rather than just going straight over it. Also, by climbing it straight upward, you may be tempted to come down the same way, instead of in a corkscrew manner, and that can be really dangerous.

The same rules apply in business. When you are implement employee drug testing, make sure you have your equipment ready, like the drug test equipment from CMM Technology, don’t use any overkill on convincing your employees that this is a good thing, and play it smart. Just tell your workers that drug testing will be done on a regular basis, get your drug test kits and alcohol tests from CMM Technology, and proceed in a very simple, light manner. This will probably lead your employees through the process with the least friction: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Continuous Quality Improvement and AOD Programs

drug testingContinuous Improvement or Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a strategic approach to managing change by recognising incremental and measured improvements. It is a method of self-analysis in which validated assessments are completed, and the results are used to make the necessary incremental changes that work towards desirable outcomes.1 Applying this concept to the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) program means driving the organisation to a substance free workplace by continually improving AOD program policies and procedures, while strengthening an organisational culture that promotes a substance free workplace.

Informing Decisions

In CGI, each improvement implemented drives the process, system, or program to a better condition or state. The assessment process ensures that changes, cultural and otherwise, are sustained over time and that the effort to reach goals continues to improve over the long term. Each assessment becomes a method for informing decisions as to the next steps that should be taken. The Continuous Improvement process applied to the AOD program can ensure:2

  • AOD policy and procedures reflect industry and legal standards
  • Improve the validity of assessments
  • Enhance relevance of the AOD testing procedures
  • Increase transparency of the drug and alcohol program
  • Ensure there is regular feedback to employees after testing
  • Support quality assurance
  • Improve management of the AOD program
  • Guide worker training on the AOD program
  • Guide management training on AOD program

There are different ways to assess the AOD program. Benchmarking against industry leaders is one valuable assessment tool. However, benchmarking is mostly used by larger companies because it requires considerable resources that include commitments of personnel, software, data collection and interpretation, and so on. Even if resources are not available for elaborate benchmarking, small to medium size companies can still apply the principle of CQI to their AOD program.

Asking Questions Over and Over Again

It is not uncommon for companies to put onsite AOD testing in place and deal with results one-by-one without looking at the big picture. An employee tests positive for heroin and is temporarily suspended until completing rehab. Three weeks later, an employee in the same department tests positive for cocaine. The same type of event keeps occurring. Though there is follow-up with each person, the real question is: Is there a pattern of substance use in the department? If so, why? Once the “why” is uncovered, the next question is: What should we do about it? Once that question is answered, a change is implemented. The change may impact work processes in the department, frequency of drug and alcohol testing, definition of safety sensitive positions, revision of the Employee Assistance Plan, or any of a number of other things.

CQI is a transformation process, meaning it is ongoing. One of the important steps that should be taken is ensuring that drug and alcohol testing supplies are top quality and that AOD screenings are completed by an experienced qualified company. These are important steps for ensuring the results are accurate. However, CGI involves assessing every step of the AOD program on a continual basis. It has employers asking the question, “How is the AOD program going, and can it be better?”

Program assessments can lead to changes step-by-step, including tweaking a policy, revising a random testing schedule, or enhancing program management or employee training. The important point to note is that the tweaking, revising, and enhancing will occur over and over again as the assessment indicates is necessary.

CMM Technology helps employers everyday in their efforts to maintain a substance free workplace by providing stringently tested AOD products and high quality expert services like equipment calibration. Producing accurate AOD testing results is a critical step in the CQC process.


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The Sounds of Silence

Drug TestingWe have all heard the notorious song by Simon and Garfunkel. It is something of a legend, actually. However, for anyone who has ever been given the silent treatment, it has a whole different connotation. It is jarring to the ears. It seems unnatural. You wonder what is wrong.

When substance abuse infuses a workplace, it may not get louder and more party-like. It may get quieter and lazier. What can you do when your employees are all sitting around apathetically and very casually doing their work? What do you do when everyone seems to be permanently depressed?

Well, first of all, you make sure there wasn’t a death in someone’s family. Now that you have that out of the way, start looking for practical solutions. There may be some sort of substance abuse. Employees may all be having a hard week at the same time, and someone started the trend. Maybe the trend continued and people stopped caring about their livelihoods. Whatever the case, you will need to do something about it, but you can’t without information.

Our Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser device and our Rapid STAT saliva drug tests are especially popular, but we have products from all over the spectrum of drug test equipment, and we are here to help you get what you need when you need it. If you have a regular drug testing schedule, then you may find it helpful to have a standing order, but it is often necessary to just order when supplies begin running low. Drug test equipment should always be stored a little in excess, just in case an emergency pops up where you will need to screen a particular worker. Onsite drug testing especially has need for high quality drug test equipment, and CMM Technology is most happy to oblige.

The sounds of silence do not have to hold sway in your building. Your jobsite can have happy, talkative voices again. The difference is in the stability of your employees. Make sure that it’s strong.

To order visit our website or call us today and tell us how much of each item you would like: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Smoke after Fires

In a heated argument, we often say and do things we later regret and even feel rather silly for doing. The smoke after the fire can choke and Saliva Drug Testmaim and do more damage than the actual fire did. If you can hear certain things and realize they are not personal, then great. If you can experience specific insults and not be highly offended, then this is wonderful. However, it is not very often that you find someone who, being lashed out at, won’t lash back. It isn’t very common for someone to hear the worst insults on this green earth and not respond with some manner of attack, even if it is only a gentle attack.

There are limits to which humans can push each other.

Accepting the faults and quirks of your coworkers can be a trying experience, but it builds character and perspective on human nature. You understand people in general better when you experience a lot of different personality types at once. Work can actually help make you into a better person because it demands that you learn about other humans just by dealing with them on a regular basis. The more people you have to deal with, the more it builds your character and your sense of tolerance.

Of course, if your employees abuse alcohol or drugs, they do not have this added advantage of being able to build their tolerance. They feel inadequate at all times, which in turn makes them feel really incompetent.

They lash out.

And when people lash out, the smoke lasts long after the fire.

Take the time to look at drug test equipment and companies which provides breathalyser recalibration in Australia. CMM Technology demands the highest quality from our drug test kits and our alcohol tests. We believe in our products. We believe in our standards. Employee drug testing does not have to be just another method of deterring abuse on the worksite. It can bring your real results and accurate data. We recommend our own products, of course. To talk with us, visit our website at or give us a call us today at: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Endless Debate: Saliva Versus Urine Testing

Workplace Drug TestingWhich is the best testing method for workplace drug and alcohol screening: saliva or urine testing? Whatever answer is given can be right or wrong, depending on the perspective and opinion of the employer. Over the last year there has been a flurry of activity conducted by the Fair Work Commission, the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), and the Australia Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) concerning this very question. The decisions and opinions cover the entire spectrum from no drug testing to urine testing. Who is right (or wrong)? There is no easy answer because much of the debate is not defined simply by a discussion as to whether each type of test is accurate. It becomes an emotional debate concerning invasion of privacy and personal feelings about someone taking any type of body fluid, whether saliva, urine, or even a person’s breath for alcohol testing.

The discussion has been ongoing and involves numerous participants:

  • On August 14, 2012 the full bench of Fair Work Australia upheld an earlier decision in which the NSW State Government utility company Endeavour Energy was denied the option of conducting urine tests on workers because the tests could detect drugs that may have been used while not working.1
  • In July 2013, the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia announced it would withdraw the ability to get accredited for on-site initial, oral fluid testing under Australian Standard 4760:2006, citing unresolved technical issues.2
  • On October 28, 2013 the Fair Work Commission upheld an employee dismissal resulting from the employee’s refusal to provide a urine sample for a random drug test. The employee worked for AWH Pty Limited. In Raymond Briggs-v-AWH Pty Ltd[2013] FWCFB 3316 (5 June 2013) the employee had argued that a saliva sample was more appropriate. However FWC said the dismissal was valid because he had refused to comply with a “lawful and reasonable request” and the employee was “contractually bound to comply” due to the existence of an Enterprise Agreement.3
  • In January 2014, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union announced it was pursuing a legal challenge to urine testing at mine sites. The AMWU claims that saliva testing is accurate enough for the West Australian police and criminal courts and therefore should be good enough for mining employers. The union also believes that urine testing is an unnecessary invasion of privacy.

Still No Resolution

Despite the many rulings and NATA decision, the matter of saliva-versus-urine testing remains unresolved. That is largely due to the many issues involved in drug and alcohol testing programs, ranging from workplace safety to privacy. In fact, the privacy issue has two components in regards to urine testing. First, to ensure urine samples are not adulterated or exchanged for previously collected samples, there is usually a witness present during collection. In truth, if there were not people who try to cover up drug use, there would be no need for witnesses during sample collection.

The second privacy issue concerns the fact that urine tests can detect drugs used 5 to 10 days earlier, depending on the drug. Saliva tests detect drugs used within the last 2 to 3 days. Therefore, a urine test could inform an employer about employee behaviour while not on duty.

In the Fair Work Commission’s full bench decision, the Commissioners took note of the fact the employee was bound by the company’s Enterprise Agreement which required urine testing. Urine testing was also noted as being a common practice within the company and the mining industry. However, the Commission did not address whether saliva or urine testing is the best method.

First Concern: Employee Safety

The AMWU has said it is putting “BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Woodside” on notice. However, Rio Tinto already stated that it understands that urine testing is more reliable than saliva testing, and the first concern is the safety of its employees. Therefore, the company will continue urine testing.4 For Rio Tinto, any potential embarrassment an employee might experience is not comparable to the risk of injury or death due to drug and alcohol use. However, it is becoming clearer that any company using urine testing should consider putting an Enterprise Agreement in place. Job candidates unwilling to commit to the requirements always have the option of finding less risky employment elsewhere.

Onsite saliva and urine tests are drug screenings and positive results should be verified by a pathology laboratory, and especially before any personnel actions are taken like suspension or dismissal. It is unlikely that the debate over which testing method is best for safety reasons while protecting privacy will continue on a case-by-case basis. One thing that is clear right now is that there should be workplace drug and alcohol testing in place. The form of the testing is between the employers and the legal system. CMM Technology offers a variety of both saliva and urine testing supplies and equipment to accommodate any decision the employer makes.


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