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Tenacity and Its Rewards

Tenacity is a strong characteristic to possess. It is also a strong lack to have if you don’t have any of it.Saliva Drug Test

Tenacity comprises strength, stubbornness, persistence, and foresightedness. When someone is tenacious, they don’t give up. They find a way to get the job done, no matter what. They try and persist and experiment and innovate, but they get the job done, no matter what. Engineers are often tenacious. So are thieves, military personnel, and celebrated research scientists. Tenacity is necessary for any job, but some jobs just require a lot more of it than others. There must be creativity, flow, and the ability to think outside of the box.

Many people do not understand tenacity, but admire people who have it. Tenacious individuals seem like they are fighters and go-getters, and the public respects them in every way. I have large income and many layers of monetary security. Tenacity helps build empires, protect treasuries, and reinforce foundations of government.

The reward for tenacity is that you always get what you are looking to acquire or accomplish. Tenacity does not recognize failure, but only delay. Therefore, the rewards include success, every single time. Does that sound too good to be true? It is in the definition of tenacity. It is what it means. It means success. It means unbroken success.

Workers in the business marketplace must possess a certain amount of tenacity, either naturally or through training. The only way to possess and keep this trait, though, is to exercise mental clarity and sharpness at all times. This excludes alcohol and drugs. Hence, you will need to use screening tests in an employee drug testing program. You will need to make use of equipment like our Lifeloc FC10 breathalyser device, or our Alere DDS2 (with reader) saliva drug test. The main thing is to have high quality equipment and to implement it on a regular basis. If you take care of that, then you are set for any contingencies which may arise. In addition to that, your company will decrease its legal liability for injuries which may occur on the jobsite, by removing those who are abusing substances. Call CMM Technology to order from us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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If We Were Gods and Dogs Were Men

lifeloc breathalysersMany people have throughout the course of human history of how simple things would be if we were gods instead of humans. And, more than that, if we made dogs into men, because we easily understand and can control dogs. This would, in many people’s minds, create an idealistic time here on earth, especially considering all of the normal hardships we normally suffer based upon our own human limitations.

If we were gods and dogs were men, it would seem that our world would be easily controllable and that we would be able to live easily and simply just as we are today. However, this is an incorrect interpretation of idealistic circumstances. The truth is that dogs and men are both so fallible, so prone to making mistakes and then punishing ourselves in an over-the-top manner for those mistakes that even being gods ourselves would not fix the problem. The very fact that humans have a problem separating themselves from their own problems would be one of the pieces of the glue of frustration within our hearts.

As for being gods, we would likely not even realize our full potential and capabilities if we were made gods today. It is very likely that we would continue living in fear and doubt, not really being sure of what was right or wrong, and whether or not we would be majorly judged by each other for doing things differently than the way everyone else is doing them.

So, you see, being gods and ruling over dog-like men really wouldn’t be the solution. First we must be able to live in peace and security as humans. First we must be able to create high quality and dependable circumstances for ourselves. Then, if all goes well, we might be set for godhood sometime in the future.

CMM Technology provides drug testing equipment, like our saliva and urine drug tests, as well as individual breathalyser devices, and NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services. We ask that you check out our popular Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 and all of our other high quality drug test equipment. We may not be gods, but we can at least be responsible men and women: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Ten Contacts for the Weary

When you are feeling weary and downtrodden, there are some things you can do to pick up your outlook on the world. If you are extroverted,Workplace Drug Test then hanging out with old family friends or being around cheerful laughing people will often do the trick. If you are introverted, then perhaps you should find a good book, a secluded place to be by yourself where you won’t be found or disturbed, and enjoy the stillness of the day or the quiet of the night.

People often say that if you are down, then it is not a good thing to be alone.

They suggest that you get in touch with one or more of your contacts, even if that is something which you rarely would do anyway.

The truth is that it all depends upon the person. What are contacts for some people are simply stress triggers for other people. We’re all so different that it is so important to know what truly fills you up and motivates you before you go about making contacts with people who may or may not be able to pick you up.

Whatever the case, drugs and alcohol are not the solution. In fact, it is better to be a little more stressed out than usual and to be clear headed than to run to substance abuse as soon as the slightest little problem arises.

When you are weary and need a helping hand, look for people who are similar to you who are doing well in their lives. Then, allow them to pick you up and make you feel more successful and hopeful again.

And, let’s face it, that’s what drug abuse really is: the destruction of your last bit of hope.

That’s why your business needs CMM Technology.

When your employees may succumb to these temporary fits of weakness, you need to know about it. You need to be aware of what is going on, and proper drug test equipment will get the job done. When you are looking for reliable data, check us out, and try our popular Alere DDS2 (with reader) saliva drug test. When you are ready to order, give us a call: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Problems with Attitudes about Change

BreathalyserWhen it comes to alcohol and drug abuse, people really don’t like change. That doesn’t mean that people don’t like initiatives which help people with abuse problems. It means that addicts really don’t like change if they can help it, and if forced upon them, they may live their entire lives looking for stability but in reality living lives filled with nothing but unreliable change.

Change is scary

Change is unnerving.

For addicts, change can seem almost life threatening, at times.

For some, change is stressful when it occurs to people in their lives, such as romantic partners or the death or leaving of a loved one. For some people, change is most stressful when it comes in the form of a job loss or a job change. For some, it is denial about something they have done. And for others, change is so terrifying that they will dig in their heels against any form of change, no matter what it is, even if their own survival is dependent upon a small amount of adaptation.

In the professional environment, these attitudes are death to any company. In order to survive, all businesses must be at least somewhat adaptable. If you have a manager or a senior level executive who has this attitude about change, it can be a huge problem for you and your company’s revenue. It is important to identify any possible substance abuse as early as possible.

Employee drug testing can help you with ascertaining who is able to bear up under increased responsibility and who may not be able to handle such duties. Drug test kits provided by CMM Technology can be just the thing you need. Be sure and try our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 as part of this process or journey you are on. Be sure and notice how much employee drug testing gives you a sense of control over the order and stability of your own business. We cannot control people, but we can control order, and these products will help you in restoration and maintenance of this order. For more information about drug testing in Western Australia, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Scientific Journey and Man’s Acceptance of It

Urine Drug TestLet’s face it. Science has been good to mankind, and it has produced the scientific method which has been invaluable in observing what we can see, hear, smell, or taste. Of course, there are other approaches where the scientific method can be used, for example, employee drug testing.

The scientific journey has produced many hard facts and concrete bits of evidence which we use to explain the world around us. In essence, science has brought us the ability to determine whether or not something is certain, and if it is certain, we are now able to determine the degree of certainty which is involved.

CMM Technology provides urine drug tests, oral fluid drug tests, alcohol tests, and NATA accredited recalibration services. We know how important it is for you to know, quite certainly, just how many of your employees, if any, are abusing illicit substances like drugs or alcohol while they are at work. Even showing up to work inebriated to any degree is dangerous, for themselves, for their coworkers, and to your company’s assets.

We as the human race have accepted that there are some things which we may never know in this world. We may never learn the meaning of life. We may never learn why we are here in the first place. We may never find out what will happen in the universe when the whole galactic system begins to implode. However, we CAN know if one of our employees has illicit drugs or alcohol in their system when they come in for their employee drug testing. This is what is so important about running a business. The operation thereof requires you to hold everyone accountable for their actions. Australian businesses are liable if one of their employees causes an accident through the influence of drugs or alcohol. Therefore, it is in your best interests to always have an employee drug testing program in effect, and CMM Technology can supply all of your needs. In fact, CMM Technology can do a lot more for you than you ever thought possible. If you would like to place an order with us, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Assumption of Evil

Lifeloc FC10There is an assumption of there being great evil in this world. Evil people, evil circumstances, evil deities…a lot of it flies over the heads of those who use that terminology when asked to define evil. When asked to define what or who is evil, they cannot answer. The assumption remains, but the truth is that many people bring death and destruction into their own lives, and very little of it is “inflicted” upon them by an outside perpetrator. We are all flawed humans doing the best with what we have available to us.

Now, when people bring death and destruction into their own lives, there can be a great desire to put the guilt onto someone else, but when you engage in drug or alcohol abuse, you are putting your fate into things which do not have your best interests at heart. If you do this, then the trouble you attract to yourself is practically to be expected.

When you are looking to bring your workers through the employment and career process safely and effectively, you must make note of any substance abuse which they may acquire on their record while being at your business. This can only be done by employee drug testing, and that requires urine drug tests or oral fluid drug tests, as well as alcohol tests, all of which are available through CMM Technology. We bring high quality drug test equipment to your business, anytime, anywhere in Australia. There is so much “evil” in this world, each individual bringing in their own share of troubles, and then perhaps putting the responsibility on someone else’s shoulders, but they bring it, nonetheless.

When you wish to secure your business assets, you cannot do so through control, but you can find out if your employees are obeying company policy, and the scientific data acquired through drug testing is unmatched. CMM Technology provides you with all of the tools which you will need to have at your disposal in order to understand who may need to be watched, disciplined, or let go based upon their substance abuse record in the workplace. And, of course, we will be here for you: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Trustworthy Workers

Drug Test equipmentWhat defines a trustworthy worker? For some, it may be involved being a worker themselves before they can truly answer this. What happens when you are not in your position of leadership but working down among the employees yourself? What happens when you gain their perspective and understand what is hard for them and what is easy for them? Can you rely upon them as you would your right arm? Do you require far less commitment than that, but you desire to have someone who is always and steadily at work, without exception?

There are many ways of defining trustworthiness. One may even say that always passing your drug testing would mean trustworthiness, but this is an evaluative tool only, and it only ever measures the ability of an employee to come to work without abusing substances either before or during their arrival on the jobsite. That is it. It measures nothing else.

Workers are not just defined by their technical skill, but also their ability to work well with people. They are calm and disassociated from upset clients. They are able to manage the situation calmly, with full attention and a clear head.

These employees are invaluable, and their trustworthiness is not questioned.

If they abuse substances, however, it will not remain a hidden secret. Their behavior will change, sometimes without their knowledge, but everyone else will see it. Everyone else will know about the person and their starvation habits and meagerness of spirit. There will be an affectation to the way they work with clients. There will be a quality in the gaze of their eyes which will seem less direct, less clear, and less trustworthy.

The sake of your business, if not for the sake of your clients, use employee drug testing, and use drug test equipment from CMM Technology. We are even accredited by NATA for our breathalyser recalibration service. There is so much to gain by ordering our products over those of our competitors. We treat our business clients with courteous decorum and only deliver the finest of equipment, including our Lifeloc FC10 Plus, a popular breathalyser device of ours. Call us today to order from us: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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This Love, This Gain

Drug Test equipmentWhat happens when our companies gain? Do we not feel as if we pulled the whole thing off ourselves, even if thousands of people were involved? To gain, to acquire, to rival is beyond description. It is huge, and it fills the heart with appreciation for a job well done.

In truth, that is how all work should be done.

The appreciation that comes from a true gain, from truly earning the abundance that you didn’t have before, is one of the most satisfying parts of doing a job well. So why is it that everyone finds their job boring and unsatisfactory? The problem lies in how we perceive our problems. Today, we perceive problems as things which may or may not be able to be solved. In the past, especially during renaissance periods of growth and development, problems were seen as having multiple solutions, all of which complemented the original issue. There was no picking between which were our greatest problems and which were lesser. There was no misunderstanding about how much hope we have for the future. We saw things as being possible to do and reasonable to accomplish.

We all build our own walls, but addicts to this to a much greater extent than the rest of us. To addicts, the world is hopeless, and this is due to their psychological reprogramming, which is due to their substance abuse. They see things as being hopeless and not easily accomplished. Work is a chore, rather than an accomplishment. Jobs are task houses where they are driven as slaves.

Prevent this mentality from entering into your workplace. Help your employees to see how much they are needed by showing them how much you are willing to protect them. Employee drug testing is necessary, but for this you need to have the right tools. To see who is fit for duty, use drug test kits and breathalyser devices from CMM Technology. Our products are high quality and helpful for the workplace. Please understand that alcohol tests and other screening tests will not solve your problem, but will give you greater information so that you can solve it yourself, with better data to consult: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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It Can Be So

Drug Test equipmentSo, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Did you sit down to a nice, flaky, salty-sweet hot breakfast with your family, and did everyone laugh and feel good and enjoy the delicious food? Many of us barely get out of bed in time to start our morning before we have to run out the door and get to work on time.

It is possible to have more organized time, though, by setting priorities. Perhaps it isn’t good for your health to try to cram everything into your every waking hour, but you can at least pick the most important things and go with them! This is where employee drug testing comes in. Drug testing is so important for the health of your business, because it evaluates your employees in a scientific, accurate way, and gives you the decision making capabilities that you should have to make hiring, firing, and evaluative decisions for your company.

It is possible to set priorities in your business, too. Employee drug testing is available through the screening tests sold by CMM Technology. Our products are high quality and we are NATA accredited for breathalyser calibration. Making sure your workers are fit for duty is part of those high level priorities which you have to invest in, before you invest in other projects for your business. Without knowing your employees’ behavior in this respect, you cannot hope to depend upon them all of the time, like you should. We carry oral fluid drug tests, urine drug tests, and of course we have alcohol breathalyser devices. All of this is so that you can set and achieve priorities for your company that would normally be dealt with the same as lower level priorities.

Get the most important things done first. Through employee drug testing, you can keep an eye on the health of your employees and the factors which affect safety and asset protection in your business. It can be so. You can do it.

Now, all you need to do is pick out which equipment your business will need for your onsite drug testing program. We recommend our Alere DDS2 (with reader) saliva drug test. Call CMM Technology today to order: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Reliability versus Consistency

Workplace Drug Testing Okay, when you saw the title of this article, you probably thought, “These are the same thing! Why on earth would I want to learn about the tiny amount of difference between them?” Well, in reality, there is more of a difference between them than you might think. Reliability and consistency are both part of a dependable friend, coworker or employee.

However, they differ in time structures.

Reliability is usually found in the person who can handle emergency situations really well. They are always there for the people who need them, and they always know what to do and how to do it. They are reliable friends, and they handle stressful situations and are therefore good life partners to have.

Consistency, however, is found in people who handle everyday stresses really well. They may or may not be able to handle emergency situations really well, but they do handle everyday life with a lot of smoothness and aplomb.

It is important to have both types of people working for you, and this is especially the case since different people will bring various types of strengths to your business, but very few of them will be really developed on every level and in every way. That is the purpose of having a time of widely varied people, each of whom is particularly strong in their respective areas of expertise, both personal and professional.

CMM Technology provides another way to strengthen your team. Make sure that every employee is following business policies by giving them employee drug testing. Alcohol tests and drug test kits are available through CMM Technology, as is our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration service. Of course, we consider ourselves both reliable and consistent, and we want to help you strengthen your company in these areas, too. One of the tools to accomplish that is our drug test equipment, which gives you the information you need to make permanent and temporary decisions about your employees. That is the kind of security you should always have in your business. To find out more or to place an order with us, please visit our website or contact CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Let’s Stand For Something

Workplace Drug TestingWhen confronted with problems in our pasts, our present, or something which may happen in the future, it may become overwhelming to think of all of your mistakes or responsibilities and how hard everything is going to be throughout your lifetime because of those problems.

The truth, however, is never really that much of a problem. We all find ourselves in a rather precarious position when it comes to relationships and public reputations, especially when we haven’t been as socialized as we would like to be.

When you think of your issues, remember one fact. Everyone is dreading something or is worried about something in their life. They look at where they are, and it doesn’t match up with where they would like to be. The thing to do is NOT to eliminate all of the problems in your life, because as you grow, your problems will change and morph with you. The solution is to view your future as full of shining hope which does not include being in any way affected long term or short term by your problems. In other words, you are bigger than they are, and you can manage much better than you thought you could before.

The trick is to stand for something. And, as long as you’re standing for something, you might as well stand for yourself. Be the person you want to be, regardless of your external circumstances. That way, your peace of mind is not dependent upon external situations.

Onsite drug testing is brought to you by the drug test kits and alcohol breathalyser devices of CMM Technology. We are NATA accredited for our breathalyser recalibration services, and that makes us proud to present you with the full array of our products and services. At CMM Technology, we begin a journey to train you and your staff on our equipment, and everything is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. If you want to stand for your own business, look no further than the simple effective techniques of drug testing in Western Australia. CMM Technology brings peace of mind, as well as the available equipment you want or need: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Bring Them In from Outside

Workplace Drug TestingWhen we, as humans, are confronted with possible threats, we often go on the offensive and seek to destroy whatever that threat may be. However, if we seek to understand people and situations better, we often may become friends and allies in certain circumstances rather than enemies. It is the gaining of knowledge which makes the difference for most people and their various circumstances and defenses.

Bring them in from outside. Make them your friend, rather than your enemy. Be classy, show warmth, and always be consistent. However, remember that your own interests are served by these people and circumstances, so don’t forget your own interests.

CMM Technology, in becoming a drug test equipment provider, has understood for years the importance of helping out fellow businesses with high quality drug testing supplies. We know that it is not always easy to bring in extra resources from outside of your jobsite. Fortunately, we can ship your drug test equipment to you at any time you desire. We can replenish your stock of urine drug tests and saliva drug tests, and some of our drug test kits have built in adulterant tests, such as our popular Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6.

Bring us in from outside. We know that not all businesses enjoy engaging in business-to-business partnerships or industrial transactions. Some companies are rather isolated and, indeed, they work best that way. However, if you are interested in acquiring a drug test equipment supplier, then CMM Technology may be right for you. We want you to feel comfortable with us, with working with us, and with our testing equipment that we deliver to you. We want you to feel as if we are benefitting your turf, rather than encroaching upon it, so to speak.

Therefore, we ask that you take a look through our website and look at our products. We know that you and your business have high standards. We also know that we distribute high quality test equipment. CMM Technology is even NATA accredited for our recalibration services. If this sounds like something which would strengthen your company, bring us in to your world. We’d love to meet you: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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