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Less Sun

During the winter, autumn, and early spring months, when sunlight is less available, people often become more depressed. Sunlight delivers Drug test equipmenthigh amounts of Vitamin D, but it also delivers many different vitamins which contribute vastly to serotonin and dopamine production in the brain. If you find that your workers seem more down in the harsher months of winter, remember that they may just be getting less light.

Less sun does not only affect the brain, it affects the body, as well. People tend to feel better when they are in the sun, because of the all of the beneficial things occurring in their bodies and brains. When they get used to this feeling and then it is taken away, it can be more stressful than any of realize. Sunshine does a lot more than fade the colors in our children’s outdoor play sets over time.

It has a nice, drug-like effect upon our entire body and brain chemistry.

The depression in your employees during the cold, darker winter months can easily be caused by less sun. This can make illicit substance abuse in the workplace a little more likely to happen. Therefore, when you planning your drug testing schedule, remember to think of the winter months as a time of a bit more suffering and a bit lower tolerance for daily stresses which occur. Perhaps schedule employee drug testing more frequently to address these concerns, or less frequently to give your employees a bit of a break during the cold season. It is entirely up to you, but we recommend more frequently, because it helps your business to stay in strong working condition during times of less sun.

Therefore, if you are looking to complete your plans in this area, consider CMM Technology’s NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration service. If you try that out and like it, then maybe you’d like to purchase some of our own alcohol tests or maybe even some drug test kits. Our drug test equipment is great if you regularly use on site drug testing. Make sure your workers are fit for duty and get high quality equipment at the same time, year round. Call CMM Technology for this today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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If We Were Gods and Dogs Were Men

lifeloc breathalysersMany people have throughout the course of human history of how simple things would be if we were gods instead of humans. And, more than that, if we made dogs into men, because we easily understand and can control dogs. This would, in many people’s minds, create an idealistic time here on earth, especially considering all of the normal hardships we normally suffer based upon our own human limitations.

If we were gods and dogs were men, it would seem that our world would be easily controllable and that we would be able to live easily and simply just as we are today. However, this is an incorrect interpretation of idealistic circumstances. The truth is that dogs and men are both so fallible, so prone to making mistakes and then punishing ourselves in an over-the-top manner for those mistakes that even being gods ourselves would not fix the problem. The very fact that humans have a problem separating themselves from their own problems would be one of the pieces of the glue of frustration within our hearts.

As for being gods, we would likely not even realize our full potential and capabilities if we were made gods today. It is very likely that we would continue living in fear and doubt, not really being sure of what was right or wrong, and whether or not we would be majorly judged by each other for doing things differently than the way everyone else is doing them.

So, you see, being gods and ruling over dog-like men really wouldn’t be the solution. First we must be able to live in peace and security as humans. First we must be able to create high quality and dependable circumstances for ourselves. Then, if all goes well, we might be set for godhood sometime in the future.

CMM Technology provides drug testing equipment, like our saliva and urine drug tests, as well as individual breathalyser devices, and NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services. We ask that you check out our popular Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 and all of our other high quality drug test equipment. We may not be gods, but we can at least be responsible men and women: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Ten Contacts for the Weary

When you are feeling weary and downtrodden, there are some things you can do to pick up your outlook on the world. If you are extroverted,Workplace Drug Test then hanging out with old family friends or being around cheerful laughing people will often do the trick. If you are introverted, then perhaps you should find a good book, a secluded place to be by yourself where you won’t be found or disturbed, and enjoy the stillness of the day or the quiet of the night.

People often say that if you are down, then it is not a good thing to be alone.

They suggest that you get in touch with one or more of your contacts, even if that is something which you rarely would do anyway.

The truth is that it all depends upon the person. What are contacts for some people are simply stress triggers for other people. We’re all so different that it is so important to know what truly fills you up and motivates you before you go about making contacts with people who may or may not be able to pick you up.

Whatever the case, drugs and alcohol are not the solution. In fact, it is better to be a little more stressed out than usual and to be clear headed than to run to substance abuse as soon as the slightest little problem arises.

When you are weary and need a helping hand, look for people who are similar to you who are doing well in their lives. Then, allow them to pick you up and make you feel more successful and hopeful again.

And, let’s face it, that’s what drug abuse really is: the destruction of your last bit of hope.

That’s why your business needs CMM Technology.

When your employees may succumb to these temporary fits of weakness, you need to know about it. You need to be aware of what is going on, and proper drug test equipment will get the job done. When you are looking for reliable data, check us out, and try our popular Alere DDS2 (with reader) saliva drug test. When you are ready to order, give us a call: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Brilliance of Diamonds

Urine Drug TestDiamonds bring a strong shine and sparkling effect, a rainbow reflection effect, to any place or anybody’s person. The brilliance of diamonds is unsurpassable. In fact, if you have ever owned a well-cut diamond, then you know the benefit of having one around. Also, they are hard to lose, because their light reflecting qualities are so spectacular.

So, why are some things called hard as diamond? It is because diamonds are so hard and so dense that they can cut through glass like a knife through butter. Well, glass is hard and diamonds are hard. Surely, the cut would not be hardly noticeable, if anything more than a scratch. However, this is not the case. Because diamonds are so much denser and more compactly arranged on the atomic level than glass, it is easy for the cut diamond to separate the loosely bound together atoms of the pane of glass. It is very easy for diamonds, on a chemical or molecular level, to do this.

This is the difference between workers or employees of yours who resist something as simple and basic as drug abuse or alcoholism, and those of your workers who are unable to resist these hard temptations. The people who are stronger, who are the diamonds, are those who have grown a certain amount of emotional strength within themselves. However, if you engage in any kind of substance abuse, your become very dependent upon it, and can be easily sliced through, like glass by diamond, when and if anyone says even the most remotely upsetting thing.

Do you want to be that weak? Do you want your employees to be that weak? A workplace environment should be made up of people who work equally to contribute to the good of the company. It should not be made up of people who are all heavily dependent upon things outside of their jobs, incomes, and working relationships. You see, those are the kinds of people who find it more difficult to stay loyal or to be strong in the face of business adversity.

CMM Technology, a drug test equipment distributor, can fix you up with as many screening tests and recalibration services as you can possible use. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Repression and Drinking

If you spend all of your time drinking, then you don’t have a lot of time to actually spend living. Yes, we are temporarily moving away from theRepression and Drinking subject of low emotional intelligence and talking about productive use of time. If you spend your time doing things which you then have to hide, you acquire an aptitude for covering them up afterward, or repressing them within yourself.

There is a reason why people condemn more than simply “bearing false witness.” We condemn lying, because lying to other people is one thing, but lying to ourselves is another problem entirely. When you repress something, you are lying to yourself or subverting the truth to yourself (some people consider those two to be the same thing), and this leads to internal strain, pressure, heartache and, if not dealt with on time, actual physical manifestation of your pain.

Repression is a way to slowly, but surely, kill your spirit, kill your soul, and kill your inner drive and primal wildness. And alcohol has a great deal to do with repression. Occasionally, you will find a drunk who is happy admitting they are a drunk, both when they are sober and when they are intoxicated. But almost all of the time, you will encounter people who seek to cover up either their alcoholism or other things which originate from their drinking behavior.

When an employee brings this behavior to the workplace, they are tainting the working environment with their sick mindset. When they abuse alcohol on the jobsite itself, they are staining the workplace and the people therein with the danger and the lack of responsibility with which they have surrounded themselves.

In the workplace environment, it is really important to know if this is going on. You must determine if any of your workers are bringing their alcoholic disease with them to work, if they have such a problem. CMM Technology can help you out with this. Our products include high quality alcohol breathalyser devices and drug test kits like our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 kit. We even have breathalyser recalibration which is NATA accredited.

Don’t let total repression burst forth in your business, because someone was keeping themselves in an unnatural state, both emotionally and physically. Make sure you are aware of any substance abuse occurring in your worksite. Call CMM Technology today for this: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Being on the Wrong Side of the Law

Onsite drug testingIt has often been said, especially fifty years ago, that “once you go bad, you can never go back.” This statement arose as a conscientious acknowledgment of the fact that once people are on the wrong side of the law, they don’t often feel as if they can just erase their past by continuous good behavior. In other words, they think that one bad deed defines which side of the track they should live on, and that many multiple good deeds may or may not even make a difference to their record.

It is this mentality of always being bad and never being good enough which has kept many people in the criminal game for many years. What would you do if you knew that you had all of the power in the world and could do anything you wanted, both good and bad? Chances are, you’d happily settle for peace, contentment, strong family relationships, and having enough to eat every day. But, this is not the mentality that people in poverty or first or second time criminals possess. Rather, they believe that somehow they have crossed over an invisible line which then rises up and acts as a barrier to going back to the other side, the good side.

Of course, logically speaking, this is nonsense, but people are not logical, nor are they rational. Mental habits are something very powerful and we always act in accordance with our established mental habits. In fact, if anything seems to be threatening a habit of ours, we are more likely to pick the lesser option, but the option which most coincides with our habitual process.

This is what happens when employees bring drugs or alcohol to the workplace, even if they just show up drunk or high. They are breeding a different mental habit among the working population. They are breeding the habit of fear and loss and emptiness. Make sure your own workers are not “misbehaving” in this way. Use high quality drug test equipment from CMM Technology to get the scientific truth from them, and make sure that you also have your alcohol breathalyser devices recalibrated with our NATA accredited recalibrations services: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Breaking the Silence Code

alcohol testing AustraliaSilence is used for meditation, it is used as punishment, it is used to think about things, and it is used to ponder over the day’s events or to remember past loved ones. Silence is where our minds, in their greatest and most powerful use, dwell with equanimity and full strength.

However, if you have ever lived with someone who is angry and silent about it or who uses silence as a punishment, then you are looking at a situation where you need to be able to break the silence code. In these times, we have some suggestions for you:

First of all, make sure you are aware of the person’s body language and personal demeanor. This will tell you a lot more than just if they are angry or not. It will tell you if they are angry because they feel threatened, because they feel insulted, or because they feel hurt.

Secondly, make sure that you pay attention to the memories you have of this particular person. If you know anything about them, you should know whether this behavior is typical of their good or bad moods. Make sure that you are not transferring a bad experience you had with someone else onto this person.

Thirdly, be sure and feel them out before drawing any set conclusions about them. For example, you might say something softly to them, in keeping with their silent state, and see if they burst into talking or if they answer in a manner which is not typical for them. It is also important to remember that most people are either morning people or evening people (some are just afternoon people), and that any other time of the day may be too much for their personal skills.

CMM Technology hopes that you only have mild problems with silence from your employees, and that none of it is due to drug or alcohol abuse on the worksite. If, however, that is the case, then we afford you the opportunity to know about it as it happens. Our drug test equipment, alcohol tests, and NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration services are all at your disposal: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Censorship within Free Speech

Alcohol TestCensorship is within us all, and we all use it to varying degrees when we need to. We censor our thoughts before we speak, we sensor our speech before different people, and we censor our language in front of only very special people. We are always wanting to get different things for our speech, and so we censor ourselves and our speech depending upon the circumstances and depending upon who wants what and when.

While we all may have free speech, it does not necessarily mean that we use that free speech completely freely. We control our tongues, and none more so than when we are in the professional business world, among people with whom we have working or business relationships. It is a matter of principle, a matter of smoothing out rough edges, and a matter of charming our intended prospects into doing business or further business with us, whichever the case may be.

CMM Technology is one of the drug test equipment suppliers in Australia, and our goals are to supply as many businesses as possible within this great nation of ours with high quality drug test kits and individual breathalyser devices. It is a matter of bringing in a lot of good quality equipment, conducting employee drug testing, and finding out if anyone is abusing illicit substances while at work. This is, by the way, NOT censorship, as many have claimed in the past. This is freedom of speech within businesses, where companies have the right to clean themselves out, or at least be made aware of the fact, if workers come into work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Claim freedom for your business. Claim health and wellbeing and confidence for your employees. Make sure you are aware of any substance abuse on the worksite, and that you have a plan in place to attend to employees who may need help with their addictions. CMM Technology, a NATA accredited business, provides high quality drug test equipment to companies throughout Australia. Look us up: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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The Endless Debate: Saliva Versus Urine Testing

Workplace Drug TestingWhich is the best testing method for workplace drug and alcohol screening: saliva or urine testing? Whatever answer is given can be right or wrong, depending on the perspective and opinion of the employer. Over the last year there has been a flurry of activity conducted by the Fair Work Commission, the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), and the Australia Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) concerning this very question. The decisions and opinions cover the entire spectrum from no drug testing to urine testing. Who is right (or wrong)? There is no easy answer because much of the debate is not defined simply by a discussion as to whether each type of test is accurate. It becomes an emotional debate concerning invasion of privacy and personal feelings about someone taking any type of body fluid, whether saliva, urine, or even a person’s breath for alcohol testing.

The discussion has been ongoing and involves numerous participants:

  • On August 14, 2012 the full bench of Fair Work Australia upheld an earlier decision in which the NSW State Government utility company Endeavour Energy was denied the option of conducting urine tests on workers because the tests could detect drugs that may have been used while not working.1
  • In July 2013, the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia announced it would withdraw the ability to get accredited for on-site initial, oral fluid testing under Australian Standard 4760:2006, citing unresolved technical issues.2
  • On October 28, 2013 the Fair Work Commission upheld an employee dismissal resulting from the employee’s refusal to provide a urine sample for a random drug test. The employee worked for AWH Pty Limited. In Raymond Briggs-v-AWH Pty Ltd[2013] FWCFB 3316 (5 June 2013) the employee had argued that a saliva sample was more appropriate. However FWC said the dismissal was valid because he had refused to comply with a “lawful and reasonable request” and the employee was “contractually bound to comply” due to the existence of an Enterprise Agreement.3
  • In January 2014, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union announced it was pursuing a legal challenge to urine testing at mine sites. The AMWU claims that saliva testing is accurate enough for the West Australian police and criminal courts and therefore should be good enough for mining employers. The union also believes that urine testing is an unnecessary invasion of privacy.

Still No Resolution

Despite the many rulings and NATA decision, the matter of saliva-versus-urine testing remains unresolved. That is largely due to the many issues involved in drug and alcohol testing programs, ranging from workplace safety to privacy. In fact, the privacy issue has two components in regards to urine testing. First, to ensure urine samples are not adulterated or exchanged for previously collected samples, there is usually a witness present during collection. In truth, if there were not people who try to cover up drug use, there would be no need for witnesses during sample collection.

The second privacy issue concerns the fact that urine tests can detect drugs used 5 to 10 days earlier, depending on the drug. Saliva tests detect drugs used within the last 2 to 3 days. Therefore, a urine test could inform an employer about employee behaviour while not on duty.

In the Fair Work Commission’s full bench decision, the Commissioners took note of the fact the employee was bound by the company’s Enterprise Agreement which required urine testing. Urine testing was also noted as being a common practice within the company and the mining industry. However, the Commission did not address whether saliva or urine testing is the best method.

First Concern: Employee Safety

The AMWU has said it is putting “BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Woodside” on notice. However, Rio Tinto already stated that it understands that urine testing is more reliable than saliva testing, and the first concern is the safety of its employees. Therefore, the company will continue urine testing.4 For Rio Tinto, any potential embarrassment an employee might experience is not comparable to the risk of injury or death due to drug and alcohol use. However, it is becoming clearer that any company using urine testing should consider putting an Enterprise Agreement in place. Job candidates unwilling to commit to the requirements always have the option of finding less risky employment elsewhere.

Onsite saliva and urine tests are drug screenings and positive results should be verified by a pathology laboratory, and especially before any personnel actions are taken like suspension or dismissal. It is unlikely that the debate over which testing method is best for safety reasons while protecting privacy will continue on a case-by-case basis. One thing that is clear right now is that there should be workplace drug and alcohol testing in place. The form of the testing is between the employers and the legal system. CMM Technology offers a variety of both saliva and urine testing supplies and equipment to accommodate any decision the employer makes.


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Needles, Sex, and Safe Interactions

drug test kitsWhen you or someone you know is abusing drugs or alcohol, it can be easy to spread illness or infection. Not only does alcohol weaken the immune system, and drugs take away your ability to fight off sickness, but you can transmit sickness through the use of needles when you share them with other people. In this way, you can bring large amounts of sickness upon yourself in a very short period of time. You won’t be able to move, function, or in any way have the same life that you have, even now.

Sex is another way that sickness can be spread to different people, especially if there is contact between different people’s blood. However, bodily fluids and genital contact are enough to spread sickness and, when it comes to drug abuse and alcoholism, they can mess with your head enough to where you don’t take the normal precautions that you normally would take.

Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 and all of our other drug test equipment are provided for by CMM Technology. Your business can take this to a whole new level and bring protection for all of your workers into the workplace. Your company can bring tools in to help make the day to day activity worth something. Over time, people begin to bond with and form connections with their coworkers and employers and subordinates.

This bond forms a connection within people which must be preserved and held up over time. CMM Technology protects this spirit by identifying which your workers may have just started to abuse substances or which are continuing to do so. In this manner, you can form an accurate assessment of what to do and who is affected. CMM Technology provides NATA accredited recalibration services, as well as our Lifeloc FC10 and Rapid STAT saliva drug test. If you are looking for a urine drug test, then we recommend our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6 drug test kit.

Safe interacts should be promoted at all levels, and employee drug testing can really make sure that this is under your control. For more information, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Balancing Work-Life Systems

If you have enough time at work, then you don’t have enough time at home, or so it seems. If you have enough time at home, then you have less alcohol testtime for work and your career, or so it would seem. Is a happy life one which is balance right in between the two? Or are people happier who focus on one or the other more fully?

The truth is, we all know someone who is a workaholic and we know about their suffering families and broken marriages. But, conversely, we all know someone who is happily just getting by doing the minimum amount of work necessary in order to survive, but focuses all of their time on community, family, home and traveling. Does one lifestyle matter more than another? Is it all based upon personal preference, or is there a way to get the maximum benefit, which applies to most people?

The work versus life systems which you have set up in your life should be entirely complementary. In other words, you should be able to, to some extent, live your job, and work on your family and home. Your work should be mostly work, but also engaging your personal side, bringing what you love and value into the picture, and your home and personal life should be able to take the kind of devotion and care which you give to your work. That is how the two can easily be complimentary. However, many people find it difficult to enjoy a job they thought would solve all of their problems if they have a history of being emotional weak or of substance abuse.

That is precisely why you need the information which drug test kits and alcohol screening tests can give you. Through the NATA accredited recalibration service from CMM Technology, as well as our variety of drug test equipment, you can make sure that your employees are working as hard and as efficiently as possible, without being affected by coworkers who may be abusing substances while at work. You can obtain information regarding these things, in order to make better decisions which will protect everyone in your workplace: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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Men and Women and the Motivating Factor

drug test equipmentMen and women (or in some cases, masculine and feminine energies) are dichotomous. There is a great deal of polarity between men and women, and their different perspectives and their different ways of solving problems bring a lot of polarity to a situation, making it both spectacular and finely defined on every level. A good plan or strategy always incorporates both large scale thinking (which can tend to come from feminine perspectives) and detailed planning (which may tend to come from masculine perspectives).

The motivating factor between the sexes (or between the energies, as the case may be) helps to make a company great. A good business needs both men and women in its productive staff, because it produces ideas which fit with all personality types and ways of thinking, no matter what they may be. There is an inherent (but equal!) difference between men and women, and these variations in perspectives help a strong business to get stronger and help a struggling company to find its feet.

What is the motivating factor?

Well, if you are sitting on a seesaw, you will need to have someone of equal but separate weight from yours to sit on the other side. This polarity allows both men and women to bring their best game and contribute a company in the most meaningful way possible.

When it comes to employee drug testing, you never know who may be potentially abusing illicit substances. That is why drug testing programs within businesses screening all employees and not just your boss’s favorite. You never know who may be doing what. It is just as important to have equality between the sexes in screening tests as it is to have equality in conversation and constructive criticism. CMM Technology, being NATA accredited for breathalyser recalibration services, is one of the major drug test equipment suppliers in Australia, and we also provide individual breathalyser devices to companies, as well, like our Lifeloc FC10 alcohol test. While your business may have lots of polarity in it, there is still a need to treat everyone equally, so that they can bring their best game to your boardroom table: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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