Strength Training

When you are training for a marathon or you are training to lift heavier weights, you must test two things: you must test your strength and your Strength Trainingendurance. Now, your strength is fairly measurable, since you can only lift so many weights at one time before your form and muscle control are thrown off. Your endurance can be measured, too, but it can be a little more complex. In a marathon, you are testing how long you can run at the same speed before it becomes too much. In weight training, you are testing how many sets of reps you can do before it is too overwhelming for your muscles.

Strength training, just like weight training, allows you to work hard on one area of your life until you become quite good at that and it is very easy. Then, you up the amount of work you do or the speed with which you do or the difficulty of the work (not all three at once), until you have to really work at it. Then, you remain at that new, slightly higher level, until it becomes easy, too.

That is what all weight training or strength and endurance training is all about: getting outside of your comfort zone and repeating that until it is within your comfort zone, and then repeating the process over and over until you are at your desire level of fitness.

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